Respond U Music and Arts Editor  –  Suzi McJ

Suzi has been singing, playing guitar and writing songs for a long time.Her Catholic faith is central to her life and she has a special devotion to Our Lady. As a young teenager exploring her spirituality, she found herself in Medjugorje where the messages of the Queen of Peace resonated with her in an important way.
Suzi has a wide following on Facebook and has contributed greatly to OurLady’s call for us to be her apostles of Love.

Travel  Editor – Kristin Collins-Tomei

Kristin grew up in the midwest, is a graduate of the University of Illinois, and graduated with an MBA at Thunderbird School of International Management with a specialty in Marketing in Latin America. She speaks Spanish fluently, has lived in Venezuela and now resides in Houston, Texas. She is a convert to the Catholic faith, is married and has 7 children. Kristin is an active member of her parish and enjoys activities of evangelization and leading youth on pilgrimage to holy sites around the world, her favorite being Youthfest in Medjugorje.




Contributing Editor – Craig Turner

Craig is a former Washington, D.C. journalist covering Capitol Hill and is a writer on topics related to the Catholic faith.  Craig is a frequent contributor to Light House Catholic Media. His most recent work is “Our Lady of Fatima and the Fall of Communism” 


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