Coronavirus hope: Powerful New Video – “The Miracle of the Sun” has just occurred in Rome. Prayers for Our Lady have been answered.

An event with a miraculous flavor that happened above Piazza San Pietro, at the Vatican.

Thanks to the images published on the Papaboys Facebook page, they allow us to remotely witness the appearance of a giant sun, an event that recalls what happened on October 13, 1917 in Fatima.


Vatican: an event that tastes like a miracle

It cannot be a coincidence that the appearance of this strong light occurred at such a dark moment in our history. The sun so large , which the legitimate owners of the video have called “a giant host” (given the unusual dimensions), seems to want to talk to us.

The  sun seems to want to reassure us, because the light is there and will soon return to us.

The event takes us back into history

This important event takes us back to history, precisely in the first half of the twentieth century, the time of the Marian apparitions in Cova da Iria . In fact, we are talking about what has gone down in history as the “Miracle of the Sun” , which occurred on October 13, 1917. At the time of the three shepherd children, the Miracle of the Sun was an event linked to the Marian apparitions.

The sun at St. Peter’s

Thanks to the images immortalized by Papaboys Facebook page (video posted in the article) we can today, even staying at home, given the emergency that we are experiencing, we can also see what happened in the Vatican , with the appearance of the huge sun, bearer of a great light and source of hope.

Fabio Amicosante

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus hope: Powerful New Video – “The Miracle of the Sun” has just occurred in Rome. Prayers for Our Lady have been answered.

  • It seems this was posted today — I am thinking it was filmed today Macrh 11 2020, based on the videos on the facebook link which show the dates. Even if a few days earlier than March 11, it is most interesting the the Vicar of Rome called for MARCH 11 to be a day of prayer and fasting to ask for God’s mercy on Rome, Italy and the world due to the covid virus. And on that day, as if in response, God gives this natural phenomena over the Vatican and Rome. Coincidence, I think not!

  • Italy and the Vatican has suspended public mass and distribution of the Eucharist. This is a great offence against God because it is a lack of faith in God’s divine provision of graces of protection by prioritizing materialistic human science over the Catholic faith. Poland is doing the exact opposite and is increasing the number of Sunday masses available to the public.

    The current ‘abolishing of the perpetual sacrifice’ cannot be pleasing to God. How anyone could think otherwise is astonishing.

    This sign, a solar halo over Rome, is a warning from God that the mass and the Eucharist need to be reinstated or the Father will eventually burn the Earth with the Sun as was symbolized at Fatima when the sun descended to the Earth emitting great heat and drying the clothes of the people and the ground.

    These nice to see miracles of God’s power over the natural elements have great symbolic meaning that is not widely understood. Human thinking of symbolic meanings has declined to its current literal abstract form of thinking while the spiritual world continues to communicate with humanity via symbolic language: crying & bleeding statues, natural phenomena… God uses the natural for the supernatural : e.g.,bread and wine transsubstantiated by a Catholic priest into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ. The clergy should be explaining these events and promulgating this understanding but the clergy are doing the exact opposite: they are denying the activities of the Holy Spirit.

    The clergy’s obstinate denials and skepticism of the activities of the Holy Spirit are in fact a sin against the Holy Spirit, which great offends God and causes the loss of souls from salvation.

    God is repeatedly warning the clergy and humanity to repent. The crying & bleeding statues, solar halos, and pulsating of the sun at Medjugorje are God’s reminders to humanity of the pending chastisement of the burning of the Earth by a solar flare, micro nova or some or cosmic solar event should humanity choose not repent.

    I would ask readers, Have you ever heard this hypothesis put forward by anyone? If so, who? If not, why not?

    All the data is there to be interpreted….both as a parable and as straight scientific fact… So where are the answers to these long standing questions…..?

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