Easter Healing Miracles in Medjugorje

On Easter in 1994, a believer from the United States, Susan Tassone, claims to have had a miraculous healing experience in Medjugorje, reports 24sata.hr on April 21, 2019.

“In 1983, I had a serious traffic accident. I was crossing a street in Chicago when I was hit by a car. The strike was so powerful that it threw me under the car, which hit me again and left a large wound on my leg. I could not travel anywhere. When I told a doctor that I wanted to go on a pilgrimage, I was surprised by his answer: “I think you should leave. Come back in ten days. Be careful.”

A year later, she made a decision to travel to Medjugorje. “I got healed at Križevac. The wounds were no longer on my leg. After I got back home, the doctor examined me and said: ‘Your leg is completely healthy. It is a miracle!’ Tassone recalled, convinced that the Lord had healed her. She submitted her medical documentation to the Medjugorje parish in 1998.

Susan Tassone has published a number of religious books and is active in spreading God’s word. With her books, interviews and guest appearances in various TV shows and at religious events, she has provided hope to believers across the United States.

Another Easter miracle in Medjugorje occurred to Damir Ćorić. He was severely ill, underwent five surgeries due to hydrocephalus, the brain enlargement syndrome, which cause enlargement of the head and brain atrophy.

“The long and difficult illness started on March 21, 1980. That was the first time I was examined in Mostar after symptoms that were characterised by weakness in my legs. They moved me from Mostar to Zagreb, where I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. After the final operation, they sent me home, believing they could no longer help me. I was feeling worse and worse,” said Damir Ćorić.

“In July 1981, my family drove me to Medjugorje. Then my family began to pray. Three weeks later, they took me back to Medjugorje, in the church, where visionary Vicka prayer over me. At that moment, I felt like a force was entering into me. On my way home, I tried to explain to my mother what I experienced during the prayer. I was able to sit on the very next day and then I did my first steps. On Christmas, I started talking, and on next Easter, I was completely recovered,” he said.

In October 1983, he got a job at a factory in Mostar. After a medical examination on January 17, 1984, Damir was proclaimed healthy and capable of work. On the insistence of physicians studying the case, Damir underwent a CT brain scan in 1988 and was additionally examined by a neurologist and a neurosurgeon. Both CT and two specialist examinations confirmed the patient’s health.

Translated from 24sata.hr (reported by Ira Kralj).