Catholic Media Misses Mark- More Misleading News from Michael Voris and Catholic Media on Medjugorje…

Church Militant’s recent headline about Medjugorje is irresponsible, misleading, and just plain dumb. They write: “POPE AUTHORIZES PILGRIMAGES TO MEDJUGORJE DESPITE PERSONAL SKEPTICISM

Why include “despite personal skepticism”? Did Mr. Voris speak with Pope Francis?

Did Pope Francis include language confirming his “skepticism” in his announcement lifting the ban of official trips to Medjugorje? No, he did not. He simply added more “study” into the apparitions would be ongoing.

Yes, Pope Francis has said many things about Medjugorje in the PAST, including words that projectskepticism”. But the news now is that Pope Francis has made a historical announcement that allows Catholic parishes to officially organize pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Has it occurred to Mr. Voris that perhaps Pope Francis has reviewed the Medjugorje investigative commission’s findings in-depth and has discussed Medjugorje with his team of experts? Pope Francis didn’t just wake up one morning and say “Yes, despite all my personal doubts, let’s lift the ban of pilgrimages to Medjugorje.”

The decision to allow trips to Medjugorje while the apparitions are ongoing is historic and unprecedented and was made with careful consideration including evidence from the five-year investigation. Mr. Voris, on the other hand, relies on information he gets cruising the internet.

Because Mr. Voris has been so consistently wrong and negative that he can’t see the truth – his towering ego gets in the way of looking at plain facts.

Is Michael Voris the Rachal Maddow of Catholic news. Ms. Maddow’s ego refuses to surrender to the facts and she still stands by her narrative that Trump “colluded” with the Russians.

In a similar way, Mr. Voris has been so beholden to his narrative that Medjugorje is a fraud that the egomaniac can’t bring himself to admit he is wrong.

He owes many devout Catholic a sincere apology.

4 thoughts on “Catholic Media Misses Mark- More Misleading News from Michael Voris and Catholic Media on Medjugorje…

  • MR Voris ,go visit Medjugorje, you will see are wrong you are. Thank you Lord for sending us your Holy Mother and our Mother.The Hope of the world.

  • I’ve listened to Mr Voris for years and have never heard him say anything negative towards Medjugore. Maybe I missed it. I’ve also followed our Holy Father and he has certainly made negative comments about Medjugore. If anyone is deserved an apology I would say church officials owe one to Michael Voris. He has been treated harshly by our church. He is pointing at the sins of those in the church. Don’t shoot the messenger. Our Lady is doing some house cleaning and Mr Voris appears to be her broom.

  • There will always be ignorance and ignorant people in the world!

  • Michael Voris, as well as many devout, conservative Catholic scholars are right about Medjugorie. No one is doubting the sincerity of those that make pilgrimage there with sincere, devout intent. And as many have said, graces may have, indeed, been granted to those praying. But one only needs to do their homework on this to know that there is much that is deeply troubling about Medjugorie. (Same w Divine Mercy.) Absolutely predicted that “Francis” would give his blessings on this. Better to stick w Fatima, Lourdes, (and tbe Sacred Heart.) And join increasing numbers of others (including many milennials and young families,) and return to the ONLY TRUE TRADITIONAL Catholicism, while there is stlil time. There may be a Traditional Latin Mass (TLM/Tridentine) near you. Vatican 2/Novus Ordo is the false church that Our Lady of Salette foretold. Those that do not know what I am talking about, I refer to Novus Ordo Watch and videos on Sensus Fidelium channel, as wel as The Vortex! Blessings.

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