6 thoughts on ““Here we go” 3 Minutes with Fr. Goring on USA’s new President “Can not stay silent” Worth Watching

  • You say Biden is leading us into “scary stuff”, but what do you think Trump was doing for his entire four years? He was an immoral non church going President who peddled lies. At least we have a Catholic church attending President. Give him a shot before you automatically tear him down because of which political party he is affiliated.

    • Trump was a Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage between a Man and a Woman, Pro-Male and Female only genders, Pro-Family, among many, many other positive Policies President. . He protected our borders, which is, by the way, one of the duties of the President of The United States and our fought for our Constitution. Censorship and taking our Constitutional Rights are what the left have in mind to do. Joe Biden is not a Catholic by supporting abortion or same sex marriage, of which he himself performed.
      Trump is the opposite of all that the left plans to do to our great country. Biden stands for everything GOD opposes.
      You are very misled by your conscience as is Biden.

    • . Trump is not the most perfect man created but he could not be bought out like the Bidens by the Chinese. Joe Biden has consigned his soul as far as I’m concerned and is already leading us down a very dangerous path especially for our children and our society in general. Our religions, freedom of speech, social mores have or are being destroyed and everything that is happening is ANTI GOD! And if is ANTI GOD it is nothing but pure EVIL! Biden already has cost us thousands of jobs with the pipe line people and they’ve been told to find something else to do. If anything good has come of it I’m praying a lot more to St. Michael to help rid us of all the EVIL. May GOD help us all!

    • by their fruits you will know them. Of his first actions what did he promote? Death, this is the fruit of this abotion promoting church goer. Hitler was a catholic who at one time desired to enter a seminary. So going to church does not make you demon proof!

  • Question. Do you not read scripture?? Read it and then tell me if you think God the Father is the big giant marshmallow in the sky. This Biden guy (if you noticed) likes spitting in the faces of all that is good. He is legend only in his own mind as are those around him. Mercy will come. I hope they can recognize it. Remember Moses and pharaoh. Obstanant, beligerant, blinded by his own ego. Striking parallel don’t you think? They are still finding chariot wheels etc. in that body of water. AMEN and AMEN.

  • Give him a shot? Biden is in favor of murdering babies! You call that Catholic? If a man is in favor of murdering babies, you know he’s evil; who cares what his other policies are?

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