Medjugorje The “Parchment” and the 3 notebooks – Secrets and The life of Mary

Question: “Would you tell us now about the parchment that relates to the secrets?

Mirjana: “On this parchment I have ten secrets, with the dates and the places where they are going to take place. That parchment I should give to the priest of my choice. Ten days before the secret, I will give this paper to him. He will only be able to see the secret that is going to happen. He will only be able to see the first secret. He will pray and fast on bread and water. On the third day before the secret is divulged, he will make it public – that this and that will happen at this and this place. This should be convincing that Our Lady had been here – that She did not call us in vain to peace, to love, to conversion.

3 thoughts on “Medjugorje The “Parchment” and the 3 notebooks – Secrets and The life of Mary

  • It is horrible that the Pope has doubts about facts from God…
    He should keep this like his treasure..
    But he puts people down even if it come from God..
    I love every message from you and I know it is true …I love you …all f you..
    Thanks for the messages..
    God bless you always…

  • Was it St. Frances who said this?;
    “To the one who believes no explanation is need.
    To the one that doesn’t, no explanation is sufficient”

  • Whether it be Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje etc.,,, it it investigated and verified and through the Holy Spirit that gives the Pope of that time, the authorization to confirm each Heavenly site as valid and Holy Grounds. It has to take time to verify, to prove it comes from Heaven. Pope Francis is our Vicar on earth, and through the Blessed Trinity has been given through humiliation Heavenly insight and authorization. I love and pray for Pope Francis. St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus and Pope Francis are Vidal Holy Shepards in these times. Peace & love in Jesus’s Name.

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