Miracle at Lourdes: The host raises from the plate and remains suspended .

On 7 November 1999, during a Mass held in the lower Basilica of the French town, at the moment of the consecration a host began to float in the air, all under the not at all shocked gaze of the priests who were celebrating.

Among them also the then archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger, present on the altar. Everything happened at the moment of the “epiclesis”, that is when the priests stretch out their hands invoking the Holy Spirit.

The host was raised swinging, then remained stably suspended in the air a few centimeters from the host below, which in turn is placed on the paten (the “saucer” that is used during Holy Mass to support the host consecrated by the priest ).

Host which remained suspended until the end of the recitation of the consecration prayer. Anyone who sees that video feels indescribable emotion because they witness with their own eyes the occurrence of something that rationally has no explanation.

It cannot be called a ‘Eucharistic miracle’ because there is no judgment on it by the ecclesiastical authority, but it is certainly an event that causes a lot of reflection.

However, we wanted to document this prodigious event that took place in the presence of many incredulous faithful … with the hope that each of us can find their own answers in our hearts!