Mirjana – The Medjugorje Secrets 2021 “There will be exceptional signs…the secrets will make us more aware of our responsibilities.”


• What will happen, according to you, after the revelation of the first three secrets? What will result for Medjugorje?


“As I have already said, these apparitions help us to understand that every moment of our life is important. We must live in total dedication to God and bless him with our prayer. This means always choosing God. In this way we will bring the weight of life more easily. I think the revelation of secrets will help us all to become more serious and more aware of our responsibilities. Surely there will be exceptional signs, extraordinary, and great conversions. All the conversions and all the bodily and spiritual healings that have occurred up to today are proof that Heaven has opened on Medjugorje and the Queen of Peace has come to us. The revelation of secrets will be a great comfort and a great joy for everyone.Above all, those who believed and endeavored to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be happy. It is a fact that every year thousands and thousands of pilgrims come to Medjugorje. When the disclosure of secrets begins, surely more people will come;probably also those that so far have not shown any interest.”



the ten secrets

In any case, the future of Medjugorje will be positive. It will become even more a spiritual magnet.