Nancy Pelosi sets a terrible example for young people as she rips up SOTU speech – Mystic Post creates Gif in response – goes viral across the globe.

I could not beleive Nancy Pelosi ripped up the SOTU speech and out of frustration I created this GIF hoping a little humor would temper my anger.  It’s working – the video has gone world-wide viral.

WASHINGTON (AP) — And then she tore up the speech.

No sooner had President Donald Trump finished his State of the Union address

 than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped the paper it was printed on in two.

Right there, on camera, behind Trump’s back. As he stepped down, she ripped again. Then a third time. And a fourth. If Trump knew about the American carnage going on behind him, he didn’t react as he left. But Pelosi was on her turf, with a deep understanding of her audience — and she wasn’t finished. In case any confusion remained, Pelosi held up what remained of the address to her family in the gallery, in full view of reporters.