“Seduced by the infernal serpent” Our Lady’s heart is pierced when Satan makes her children his…Medjugorje Powerful reflection from Fr. Livio of Radio Maria.

Our Lady cannot stand that Satan makes us his …”

We report with pleasure this powerful reflection of Father Livio Fanzaga …

source Papaboys 3.0

Today’s reflection


Dear friends, Our Lady is concerned with the spiritual and material life of each of her children . However, when one of them is seduced by the infernal serpent and lets himself be dragged into the suffocating swamp of evil, her motherly heart is pierced by a sword of pain.

When we move away from God , accepting what Satan offers us and with which he destroys us, the anxious sky and the Full of grace immediately rushes to our aid with all the resources of her motherly love.


Not only does she intercede, but she takes care to go down from heaven to earth to ask the most sensitive of her children for prayers and sacrifices “for the poor sinners”, reminding us that many of them go to hell because “there is no one who prays and sacrifice for them ”.

Our Lady cannot bear that Satan makes us his, eternally lost in his kingdom of hatred and death.