Catholic Miracles Unexplained – Powerful – Miracles You Have Never Heard of – Science stumped

Great video on Catholic Miracles

Creation and Miracles (New Edition) Part 6—This very important tape was made for Catholics and to present the Catholic Faith to non-Catholics. It has influenced non-Catholics to convert to the Catholic Faith. 


 It was in England in the thirteenth century that one Carmelite, St. Simon Stock, is said to have received the Brown Scapular from Our Lady after having written the beautiful Flos Carmeli prayer. In (small t) tradition, St. Simon Stock was also given Mary’s promise of final perseverance and the Sabbatine privilege to those who die wearing the Brown Scapular. Simply put, the Sabbatine privilege consists of the intercession of Our Lady to take the soul of the scapular wearer to heaven on the first Saturday after his death. As I said, small t tradition. The Carmelites themselves have said, “Well-meaning people have often spread the devotion with extravagant claims that have no historical background and which are difficult to reconcile with sound Christian Doctrine.(2) 

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