Special Message from Jesus to Catholic Mystic “Jennifer” (July 24, 2023)

My child, this world is lacking love. Too many deny loving others out of fear of rejection, yet I say to you that I am the greatest recipient of rejection, for I am Jesus.

This world is crumbling and many are beginning to recognize the evil that is before them. I warn my children, do not fall for the promises of Satan, for his trap is one of eternal darkness with eternal consequences.

Come live in my light and embrace the only source of peace because I am the Prince of Peace. Let the wicked stumble upon their own wickedness, for I tell you all lies lead back to the truth. 

It is time for my children to live the Gospel Message, for your time in Revelation has come. The dividing line has been drawn and the lukewarm do not obtain their eternal reward. One cannot truly move forward if they are always looking behind out of fear.

Those who speak that they are ready for this earth to rock and tremble lack the faith to surrender completely to the divine providence.

Mankind seeks to remove me from everything, yet I say to you the world cannot exist without my presence. Every source that allows my people to live contains my image and likeness. Those who deny me and seek to alter my creation, my plan, have sealed their judgement.

My child, I plead to mankind to awaken to this hour, for I can no longer restrain the just hand of my father. The offenses against my little ones has plunged the world into great darkness. 

I tell my children to look in the horizon because the hour of great warning is upon every doorstep. The time when all of the earth will go dark and the only light will be that of which I come with. 

The deaf, the blind, the lame for there will be no restraint from my light piercing into the souls of my people. All on earth will come to a pause for even the tiniest of creatures will recognize the time of my visitation. The wind will be still, the ocean will be without waves and silence will settle upon humanity. Be on guard, my children, and do not become distracted by the ways of the world, for I am Jesus and my mercy and justice will prevail.

About the Mystic Jennifer

In April of 2001 while Jennifer was at Mass, she began to hear the words, “Come to Me.” These words continued to repeat. She wondered who was whispering in her ear, yet it did not sound like a whisper. The voice that she was hearing was a man’s voice, but very soft and gentle. After Mass she asked her husband if he heard the person speaking those words. He said, “No.” Every Sunday after that she continued to hear the same words and the closer that she came to receiving the Eucharist, the stronger the words sounded. 

On March 3rd, 2003 at 3:00 pm, Jesus said, “My child, I want you to write down this message for the world, for you are My chosen instrument. Do not fear, for fear does not come from Me, for I have been preparing you for this mission.” So, she went and got a notebook and wrote down the first message for the world. As of July 2023, she has received almost 2,000 messages. Some are personal, some are for her spiritual director and some are for the world.

In the fall of 2004, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC  met with Jennifer and her then spiritual advisor to discuss the messages. He spent several days reviewing her journals and also translated three messages that Jennifer received for Pope John Paul II into Polish. 

In December 2004, Jennifer was told by Jesus to travel to Rome. Jesus told her, “The doors will open upon your arrival.”  On December 11th, 2004, she visited the offices of the Vatican and met with Monsignor Pawel Ptasznik, who at the time was Pope John Paul II’s Secretary of State to the Polish section of the Vatican. Accompanied by her then spiritual director and her father, she presented personal messages for the Pope and discussed the messages that she had received. She was directed and encouraged to continue to put the messages out to the world. In the words of the Monsignor whom she had met with, “These messages are imperative for the times we are living in.”

Jennifer will begin to hear the first words over and over until she writes them down and then Jesus will give her the rest of the message. She feels completely at peace when she hears Jesus. She never experiences fear because his voice sounds so loving. He tells Jennifer all the time that if mankind only knew the depth of His love.

Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart, they have four grown children, and are grandparents. Jennifer continues to receive messages, but not as frequently as in the beginning. Only those that her current spiritual director feels are important for the world are published. After the passing of her long-time spiritual director Fr. Joseph Amalfitano, she began to receive spiritual direction from Fr. David who she was directed to by Jesus.