Medjugorje: Our Lady’s mysterious request to put a flower next to the crib — “Today I invite you to do something concrete…”

The Virgin Mary appeared in many places on Earth and in many historical eras, always emphasizing the ultimate goal of her coming: the authentic conversion of our hearts.

From Medjugorje, in particular, Mary warns us that the time of her care, sooner or later, will end. She does this by entrusting to the visionaries innumerable messages, which invited us to take his only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, as an example and to always follow his footsteps and teachings.

The Blessed Virgin Mary says: how to make the Nativity in the best way

Medjugorje: message of December 20, 1984

“Dear children, today I invite you to do something concrete for Jesus Christ. I want every family in the parish, as a sign of abandonment to Jesus, to bring a flower by the day of joy (Christmas). I want every family member to have a flower next to the crib, so that Jesus can come and see your abandonment to him. Thank you for having responded to my call! “

The Queen of Peace made a very special request with this message, asking for a small commitment to every devoted family. He asked for a flower (in December, not in Spring) next to the Nativity, next to the representation of the nativity that is in every Christian home. All this would have served to show devotion and contentment for the time that was coming and that would bring with it the Savior of the world. That gesture could be considered a sign of trusting abandonment to the Redeemer who enters our lives to transform them and never abandon us again.

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Antonella Sanicanti