Italian Newspaper: Despite Total Silence by Media the Vatican Anticipates Medjugorje to be a Hot Topic in the Catholic Church by Year End 2017

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Italian Newspaper

Mystic Post Note: The translation of this article is by Google Translate – So apologies for some syntax complications. We wanted to publish this article because it confirms Mystic Post’s longstanding belief that media, most notably USA Catholic media, remain strangely silent on a hugely important Catholic news story.

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It is perhaps in the almost total silence of the media, yet the words of the Vatican in Medjugorje anticipate a topic that will become very hot in the Catholic Church by the end of 2017: a theme that has undergone the particular apparitions (still underway) of Madonna to the Bosnian visionaries, now risked to arrive at a point made decisive.
“Everything makes it clear that the apparitions will be recognized by the end of this year,” says Archbishop of Prague, Henryk Hoser, Pope Francis’s special post in Medjugorje in recent months to assess the aspects of faith and the needs of the faithful present in mass each day in the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady.
Speaking to Le Foglio in a Matteo Matzuzzi fund, recounting Hoser’s conclusions and reflecting on the extreme and delicate situation that will now take place in the Vatican in the coming months: “Hoser has distanced himself from the bishop of Mostar, Ratko Peric, that only a few a month ago, he left the report of the Ruini commission, defining the first seven appearances as false, because they are based on enormous doctrinal phenomena.
Hoser’s words arrive a few months after what Pope Francis said during the trip to Fatima, precisely about the very nature of the apparitions: “The Ruini report states that the first appearances, which were boys, should be distinguished and that they should be investigated.
About presumed present appearances, “Bergoglio told reporters returning from Fatima’s journey,” I’m worse, I prefer Mother Madonna, not the Head of Telegraphic Office, who sends a message every day. And these presumed apparitions do not have much value: I say this as a personal opinion. Who thinks that Our Lady says, “Come, that day will I give a message to that seer that day?” No…”. The important knot at this point will remain on the possible difference between the first apparitions, in the process of approval, and those that continue to happen every month: on those the Church and Pope Francis himself remain with a prudent reserve that will require other studies and other Discussions in the future.
Hoser says in his report, however, that in the first appearances, just as Ruini said, “I have a very positive opinion, while on the other hand it is better to overlook even because it is still formally under way.
I hold myself out of the judgment because this is not my job, “concludes the bishop sent by the Pope to gain in-depth knowledge of the apparitions and the needs of the faithful who daily attend the sites of the apparitions. The position of the Archbishop is, among other things, in the same vein as his best-known colleague, Christoph Schonborn, who, unlike the bishop of Mostar, has often emphasized the great number of conversations that arose after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. “We should recommend looking at the number of conversions before deciding on it,” warned Schonborn.
As Matzuzzi rightly explains, Hoser in the words of the homologue of Vienna adds that there are about 37 million communions and 600 priestly and religious vocations matured in these 36 years of apparitions and pilgrimages. Now it remains to be understood how Pope Francis will decide with Hoser’s conclusions and Ruini’s report, although according to the same Czech sentiment, there is a good chance that early appearances will also be officially recognized by the Catholic Church. That would be, after 36 years, a major breakthrough in the complex scenario of the small Bosnian town.

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