Confusion between Angels of God and New Age ones. Pay close attention

Francesco Frigida

(Translated from Italian by Google translate)

I really wanted to write this article because unfortunately there is great confusion when it comes to Angels. Many people are deceived by new age practices, by magicians, etc. only because they hear the word Angels, they believe that such practices come from the Church. For example, new age spiritualism speaks of “Angels” as beings working for civilizations on other planets. Angels are “intergalactic social workers” who help their clients improve the karma of humans.The profane Angels, so I define them because they are nothing more than the imagination of these pagan people, they are not the Angels of God! If you hear about energies, gold liquids, glittery butterfly wings, and so many such nonsense … they are not the Angels of God.

It is therefore necessary to understand dear friends that the Angels of the pagans are not the Angels professed by the Holy Mother Church. In order not to fall into deception, I give you some notions about the angelic nature:

Creation of the Angels
We, on this earth, can not have the exact concept of “SPIRIT”, because everything that surrounds us is material, that is, we can see and touch. We have a material body; our soul, though a spirit, is so intimately united with the body, so we must make an effort with our mind to detach ourselves from visible things.
What then is the spirit? It is a being, furnished with intelligence and will, but without a body.
God is a very pure, infinite, most perfect spirit. He has no body.

God created, from the nothing of the angelic beings, pure spirits giving them great intelligence and strong will; these Spirits, being without a body, can not be visible to us. These Spirits are called Angels.
God created the Angels even before sensitive beings and created them with a simple act of will. Immediately appeared in the bosom of the Divinity exterminated hosts of Angels, one more beautiful than the other. As the flowers on this earth resemble themselves in their nature, but one differs from the other by color, fragrance and form, so the Angels, although having the same spiritual nature, differ in beauty and power. However, the last of the Angels is far superior to any human creature.
The Angels are distributed in nine categories or choirs and take their name from the various offices that they perform before the Divinity. By divine revelation we know the name of the nine choirs: Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominations, Thrones, Cherubs, Seraphim.

Angelic beauty
Although they do not have a body, they can still take on a sensitive appearance. In fact, they appeared very often covered with light and with wings, to show the speed with which they can go from one end of the universe to the other to carry out the orders of God.
St. John the Evangelist, rapt in ecstasy, as he himself wrote in the book of the Apocalypse, saw before him an Angel, but of so much majesty and beauty, so believing he was God in person, he fell down to worship him. But the angel said to him: “Stand up; I am a creature of God, I am your preserver “.

Let’s be clear!
The Angels have no body; consequently, having no tongue, they can not speak.How come the words of Lucifer, of St. Michael and of other Angels refer to the Sacred Scriptures?
The word is the manifestation of thought. Men have a sensitive language; the Angels also have their own language, but different from ours, that is, in a way unknown to us they communicate with each other. The Holy Scripture reproduces the angelic language in human form.

Angels in Heaven
What do the Angels in Heaven do? They crown the Divinity, continually making them homage. They adore the SS. Trinity, recognizing it worthy of every honor.They thank her continuously for having given them existence and so many excellent gifts; they repair it of the offenses that the ungrateful creatures bring. These pure spirits are in perfect harmony with each other, loving each other immensely; there is no jealousy or pride between them, otherwise Paradise would turn into a sad dwelling; they are united with the will of God and do not desire and do only what God likes.

Angelic Ministry
Angelo means servant or minister. Every Angel in Heaven has his office, which he disengages with perfection. God now uses this hour of that Angel, to communicate his will to other creatures, as the master sends around the servants for errands.
The universe is governed by these pure spirits, so teach St. Thomas and St. Augustine. This happens, not because God needs help, but to give more prominence to his Providence in the activity communicated to the lower causes. In fact in the Apocalypse certain Angels appeared in the act of playing trumpets or pouring on the earth and on the sea the vases full of divine disdain.
Certain Angels are ministers of the justice of God, others are ministers of his mercy;others are finally in charge of the custody of men.

The seven Archangels
Seven is a scriptural number.

The seventh day of the week is consecrated in a special way to God.
Seven were the lamps that burned continuously in the Temple of the Old Testament;
Seven were the signs of the book of life, which saw St. John the Evangelist in the vision of Patmos.
Seven are the gifts of the Holy Spirit;
Seven are the sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ;
Seven works of Mercy.
The number seven is also found in Heaven. In fact, the Archangels in Paradise are seven; the name of only three is known: St. Michael, that is “Who as God? », S. Raffaele« Medicine of God », St. Gabriel« Fortress of God ». How do we know that the Archangels are seven? It is clear from the manifestation that St. Raphael himself did to Tobias, when he recovered from blindness: “I am Raphael, one of the seven Spirits that we are continually in the presence of God”. These seven Archangels are the high officers of the Celestial Court and are sent by God to earth for extraordinary commissions.

Well, I think this little smattering can help us to clarify and understand that our Angels and those preached by the new age are not the same thing.