Medjugorje: Our Lady told us what happens after death

What happens after our death?

SOURCE: LA Luce Di Maria

Our Lady from Medjugorje provides us with the answer to this question.

As a mother does with her Sons, Mary too, the most loving of mothers gives us teachings, encouragement, suggestions and why not, reproaches.

Our Celestial Mother in Medjugorje sends us, since 1981, continuous messages through the 6 visionaries. The Gospa explains to us, within the limits of our human understanding, how to place ourselves in front of some mysteries of our faith. In this brief collection we want to offer you what has transmitted us regarding what happens after our death.

Our Lady speaks to us through her messages, and helps us to understand the true meaning of life and death

Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 24 July 1982) At the moment of death we leave the earth in full consciousness: the one we have now. At the time of death one is aware of the separation of the soul from the body. It is wrong to teach people that they are reborn several times and that the soul passes into different bodies. One is born only once and after death the body decomposes and does not live again. Each man will then receive a transfigured body. Even those who have done much harm during their earthly life can go straight to Heaven if at the end of their life they sincerely regret their sins, confess and communicate.

HELL Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 25 July 1982) 
Today many go to hell. God allows his children to suffer in hell because they have committed very serious and unforgivable faults. Those who go to hell no longer have a chance of knowing a better fate. The souls of the damned do not repent and continue to reject God. And they curse him even more than they did before, when they were on earth.They become part of hell and don’t want to be freed from that place.

Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 2 November 1983) 
Most men go to Purgatory when they die. A very large number also goes to Hell. Only a small number of souls go directly to Heaven. You should give up everything to be taken directly to Heaven at the time of your death.

Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, 20 July 1982) In Purgatory there are many souls and among them also people consecrated to God. Pray for them at least seven Pater Hail Glory and the Creed. I recommend it! Many souls have been in Purgatory for a long time because no one prays for them. In Purgatory there are different levels: the lower ones are close to Hell while the higher ones gradually approach Paradise.

Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, November 2, 1982) 
The souls in Purgatory await your prayers and your sacrifices.

Message of the Queen of Peace (Medjugorje, November 6, 1986) Dear children, Today I wish to invite you to pray every day for the souls in Purgatory.Every soul needs prayer and grace to reach God and the love of God. With this you too, dear children, receive new intercessors, who will help you in life to understand that the things of the earth are not important to you ; that only the sky is the goal to which you must strive. Therefore, dear children, pray ceaselessly so that you can help yourself and others, to whom the prayers will bring joy. Thank you for having responded to my call!

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  • Jesucristo give give you a ? to you mather birgensita Maria happy mather day Jesucristo amen

  • This is nonsense, this is not what the word of God teaches . We need to repent and accept the gospel before we leave this earth. After death there is no turning back.

  • If you think purgatory is nonsense, you need to read about padre pio………………….. a priest who was given the gift of stigmata and could bilocate, ask american pilots about seeing him in italy in 1944

  • I pray to God every day, every day the rosary, and pray for the souls in purgatory especially for those that in most need of mercy, I pray to my heavenly mother Mary to help me with my prayers, I thank them for being with me and my family, I call her my God mother, on my dream she said, I’m Ave Maria, your God Mother, I come to you us a Mother of console, she ask me to pray every day, sense them I pray every day

  • I Believe every word and thank God for all he does for me, and my family. Thank You Jesus and Thank You Mother Mary. I love, love, love You.

  • Holy Souls pray for us as in return we pray for you. I pray our Dearest Most Merciful JESUS look at you and tell you as he did St. Dismas, today you will be with me in Paradise. Have mercy on those Holy Souls that have been forgotten and there the longest. We are all unworthy theives, unworthy servants. Our LORD JESUS the innocent Lamb who loves us and died and resurected for us Thank you my Beloved JESUS and My Immaculata. Thank you St. Maximilliam Kolbe – pray for us in the time of our need of courage, faith and love in your Immaculata. I love you St. Maximilliam Kolbe, all my Saints and all 9 Choirs of Angels & HOLY Souls. Church Victorious, Church Militant & CHURCH Suffering. Amen ?

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