On October 25, 2022. Our Lady gave a dramatic message to the Visionary saying “mankind has chosen death’.

Not long ago the Blessed Mother predicted this day would come.

In March of 2022 she said “Satan has been fighting for war. Maria: We are at the point of no return, as they say, if we do not embrace prayer. We have experienced the power of prayer all these years.

I think that we must increase our cry to Our Lady more so that this war may end! She has been telling us for years that Satan fights for war. We know that for years there have been manufacturers of weapons of war who, under the guise of humanitarian aid, have been sending them.

On March 25, 2022, as is the custom the visionary Marija spoke with Father Livio of Radio Maria about Our Lady’s monthly message. Here are excerpts of the dramatic conversation between Maria and Father Livio.

Father Livio: Dear friends, we now have live Marjia from Medjugorje who is about to give us the March 25, 2022 message of the Queen of peace, today for the Annunciation

Hi Marija!

Marjia: Hello Father Livio! A greeting to all the listeners of Radio Maria.

Fr. Livio: Marija, do you think there is a danger of a nuclear world war? This danger is real or is it just the devil’s way of frightening?

Marija Eh. I don’t want to go into the secrets but… did you see me upset I am convinced that this is exactly how it has been in these forty years of her presence. Humanity is at a crossroads and as Our Lady said in various messages, Satan is free from his shackles in this new millennium. We know that evil also exists through our selfishness and our arrogance. Father .

Yes also because in one of her messages from a few months ago Our Lady said that Satan wants to fill our hearts with fear for the future, but the future belongs to God! So, one of Satan’s tactics is to terrify us when instead we should know that the presence of Our Lady and our response to her call allows us to live well on earth.

Marija. This is why Our Lady tells us: “I invite you to return to God and his commandments so it would be good on earth” because we are here on earth but our destination is Heaven.

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