Jesus I Beleive (Medjugorje) Today Find Peace in this short video that will last long into the night.

From a comment on YouTube : Thank You Richard Wellner for sharing this on YouTube I would never had heard of these songs had it not been for YouTube allowing us to share our FAITH and OUR LOVE for JESUS. I DO BELIEVE, he is my friend, my constant watch, he guides me, he fortifies me. And I do LOVE God MY FATHER with all my Heart/Soul I give my WILL, but unfortunately we cannot change the will of others as others cannot change MY WILL, my will is to allow God to do his work in me, as he can IN ALL THOSe who believe in HIM. My sorrows are not greater than anyone else, God gives to those what they can handle, and if it times it overwhelms me, then he comes and comforts me as I lay all MY TROUBLES AT THE FEET OF THE CROSS OF JESUS.

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