The Great Prophecy?…Hints of Secrets…Medjugorje Visionary Vicka: “Russia will certainly be converted!” Links Medjugorje to Fatima

“The Great Prophecy”

“Russia will come to glorify God, the West has made modern progress but without God, and will act as if they are their own Creators”

Radia Maria: But there is a link between Medjugorje and Fatima: this is sure now from the last message. And Our Lady at Fatima said: “Russia will be converted and there will be a period of peace”. Now we see that Russia is converting, so we hope there will be a period of peace. So what are your secrets for?
Vicka: Okay, Russia will certainly be converted.


Fr. Livio of Radio Maria questioned Vicka on 2 September two years ago, at the end of the renunciation novena that Our Lady had requested on 25 August. Here are some answers, with linguistic adaptations and necessarily abbreviated for reasons of space. Peace is a gift for those who pray and have a clean heart. So too is the true joy that is an anticipation of Paradise. “Our Lady repeats so many times that we must pray for peace for the world, but if there is no peace within our hearts, this prayer can not be heard …”

Q. Now, if many are restless, how can one have peace in one’s heart?
R. We all have something disturbing inside or something else. We must pray with great will and say: – Jesus I give you and I want you to detach all of this from my heart.- I can not say only: I want peace in my heart and do not do anything to come;so that never comes. We must not pray for this gift, but when you have this desire to pray, this gift comes by itself.

Q. On the first anniversary, a person asked you what gift you gave to Our Lady and you said: “I bring you a clean heart”. Here is the relationship between peace and clean heart?
A. They are two equal things: when you have a clean heart you have peace in your heart.

D. Our Lady spoke of “His plans for peace and joy, which Satan wants to prevent” (August 25). Tell us a few words about joy.
R. No, this word cannot be described: we must live this word of joy, says Our Lady. She did not say: “Pray for this joy” for no reason. Joy is a great gift as our faith, as peace: we can live this joy inside our heart, understand? It is not joy that is only outside (superficial), as here we now joke, but we do not feel inside. This outside joy does not matter. It is more beautiful if you feel this joy inside: this joy never goes away, it always grows every day more and this joy then comes out.

Q. But you have this joy, I think!
R. Sure.

Q. But why do you have this joy?
R. I have never asked or asked God to give me this joy because He and Our Lady do not say: “Pray for this joy”. I did not ask Our Lady: “You give me this joy because I am Vicka.” So no. Our Lady gave me this chance. He told me to look for God and then you will have this joy …

D. Our Lady said in a message that in the sky there is joy. What is the difference between the joy of heaven and that of the earth?
R. Our Lady says that we can live heaven here on earth. For me there is no difference between here and there (see message 25 May).

D. Heaven already begins on this earth …
R. Start here on earth and then only continue. Even illness is a gift from God. I am ready to die even immediately.

D. Look, everyone knows you’ve been sick lately.
R. I’m fine now.

D. But it certainly was an important test for you! Why do you think God sends you so much evidence?
R. I have never asked why: I always welcome these diseases. He knows why. I try to accept with love and I’m happy. It makes me laugh when I hear someone say, waiting for a cross, an illness … I always put God’s will first, after my will, do you understand? Thus, that God send something good or not good I take the same and there is no problem. I always say: “God, I thank you for this gift; Do you still have something to give me? I’m always ready to take what you want with your help …

Q. I heard you were happy even if it was about packing up and going to heaven. Are you really so indifferent to this?
R. There is no difference for me. If God calls tomorrow, “Vicka, parts” I leave, I’m ready right away.

Q. Even if you are young?
R. No, no, for God there is no old, no young. (…) Do not blame the communists, do not be afraid of war.

Q. Did we see the biggest communist party in the world dies? Is there a connection between the coming of the Queen of Peace and the conversion of Russia?
A.  We can not look at those who have had a heart attack or something else. This leaves us alone to God and to Our Lady. She is Queen of Peace. She loves every one of her children, she loves even those who were with a heart attack … only that he was a bit far from Our Lady, from Jesus, but we can not think badly.

Q. But there is a link between Medjugorje and Fatima: this is sure now from the last message. And Our Lady at Fatima said: “Russia will be converted and there will be a period of peace”. Now we see that Russia is converting, so we hope there will be a period of peace. So what are your secrets for?
R. Okay, Russia will certainly be converted, but we can now look at people! Even our situation here is serious and we always think that it is the fault of this person or other that drives evil and peace does not come. I do not care who commands. I pray for everyone. God knows when this peace comes, and we do not talk too much, but we pray and help Our Lady …

Q. God knows when peace comes …
R. God knows this and our secrets also come slowly when Our Lady says.

D … But if Russia is converting and we will have a period of peace what about the Medjugorje secrets, …they are still to come!
R. Let’s wait, let’s wait again.

Q. Are these secrets a little scary?
R. No, not for me. For those who pray, there is no fear. See, when war came to our land, everyone got worried, all talking “Look, war comes to us too”. But I say many times: “Do not talk like that” War is in the hands of God! We are not here to talk about what war is just a few kilometers away, maybe tomorrow is here and praying with this fear, because this fear always remains. We are still and this is also what God sends to see our faith, our peace. We believe – the fear that believing God. For us as children of God, there is no: – If there is this fear, there is something wrong inside. (…)



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