The Mysterious occurrences of the disappearing Cross on Medjugojre’s “Cross Mountain” Unusual phenomenon becoming more frequent.

Photo above was taken by Niall Kearney  and posted on Facebook .. Niall says ” This photo was taken yesterday. If you zoom in you can see the base of the cross but no cross itself.”


Mystic Post’s had its own encounter with the disappearing cross on Cross Mountain and perhaps the Queen of Peace herself.


I went to Medjugorje in early November of 2017. On November 6th I took a walk to the Risen Christ Statue to say some early morning prayers. As I passed St. James Church, I looked up towards Cross Mountian, as almost everyone does, to take in the wonder of the majestic Cross. But the Cross was not there. I was sure I was looking in the right direction, I had been in Medjugorje for over a week and I knew right where to look, but the cross was gone. I thought perhaps a cloud or patch of fog had covered it up. Then to the left of the cross, I saw a mysterious white object shaped like a woman in a flowing gown that seemed to float along the edge of the mountain. I then turned my eyes back to where the cross was supposed to be. The cross was still missing and the white figure remained. I gazed up the mountain and took it all in. I was certain I was seeing something strange but after a few more moments I forced myself to accept that I was just seeing things. But before I continued on my walk I did what every tourist does. I took some photos. After that, I headed to the Risen Christ statue shaking my head the whole time trying to figure what to make of what I had just seen (or not seen) I have never shared these pictures with anyone until now. But after reading that other people have experienced this phenomenon I have decided to post my photo.



From Medjugorje Council


At about 5pm on the evening of the 22nd October 1981, Fra. Janko Bubalo looked out of the rectory window in Medjugorje, to see two nuns, kneeling in the pouring rain, in the direction of Krizevac, with their arms stretched out. About seventy men and women were kneeling, oblivious to rain and also gazing in the direction of  Krizevac. Some appeared to be crying, some with awe struck expressions on their faces and some were praying.  The cross on Krizevac disappeared and a statue like figure of a lady appeared.