Bocelli visits Medjugorje: “I am here to receive a message”…”He who has no faith has difficulty in finding reasons to live and is always in danger”

Bocelli visits Medjugorje: “I am here to receive a message”

The famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli held a concert in Medjugorje in August 2008. On that occasion, the opera singer kept telling us that his arrival in the Bosnian village was not just an opportunity for work, but also an occasion in which to confront his faith: “I go to Medjugorje to receive a message, not to give a message. The only message I can give is contained and hidden in the notes of the songs I sing, I have nothing to add “. In short, Bocelli wanted to say that his landing in Medjugorje was not the beginning of a campaign to spread the message of the Celestial Mother , but a way to cultivate his faith through his work, a faith that the singer considers the only reason of life: “He who has no faith has difficulty in finding reasons to live and is always in danger of being disappointed, because life without faith is a tragedy that ends up like a drama. Faith helps us to live, in itself it is a reason to live “.

During his visit to Medjugorje, Bocelli behaved like a true pilgrim visiting the sanctuary, taking a walk on the hill of apparitions, praying and talking about faith and the message of Our Lady with the visionaries. Then he dedicated himself to the rehearsals for the concert and enlivened the thousands of faithful present with a splendid interpretation of the Ave Maria .

Bocelli visits Medjugorje: the reasons for his unshakable faith in God

In an interview given to the Corriere della Sera, the tenor had already talked about his relationship with faith and the motivations that led him to believe that a life without it had no sense of being lived: “I find that creation is a system intelligent. A reasonable person can not entrust life to chance. If I see a building, I’m sure someone did it. A fortiori, the universe can not be the result of chance “. During that interview Bocelli also said that he believes in the immortality of the soul, an affirmation that in this case does not rely on rationality but on sentiment: “When my father died, looking at him I had the strong sensation that in his body had not even one atom left of him. We are what is inside this box. Then we’ll go somewhere else. “

Luca Scapatello