The Greatest Miracle Healing at Medjugorje? Healed of ALS after a pilgrimage: TESTIMONY of Cristian Filice

Source Medjugorje Everyday Translated by Google



Cristian Filice is a Calabrian from Piane Crati, a small village in the province of Cosenza who was diagnosed with ALS in 2009 and, following a trip to Medjugorje in 2014, miraculously recovered.
Before the diagnosis, Cristian was a normal citizen of Cosentino who worked and lived in his Calabria. In 2007 she got married and from the marriage, after a while, a first child was born, and soon another one was added.
In 2009, however, after a few months of continuous fatigue and progressive atrophy of the muscles, he decided to be examined. The ruling leaves no room for misunderstanding: ALS.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects both the cerebral cortex and the spinal cord. It is characterized by progressive muscle stiffness which results in difficulty speaking, swallowing and eventually even breathing. In fact, death almost always occurs due to respiratory failure.
Cristian thus seemed condemned to certain death.
Life expectancy for this disease is about ten years. But at the same time he is a man of faith and he gets even closer to it to the point of wishing to go to Medjugorje to pray, guided by the Marian light.
“After a prayer from Vicka during the testimony from Sister Kornelia and after an adoration on the night of the 25th, he felt full of inexpressible joy at the passage of a shooting star. The following day he wanted to be accompanied in a wheelchair to the foot of the hill of apparitions. There, feeling inwardly called, he stood up near the blue cross and moved his steps independently. He began to climb leaning on me, his parish priest and his companion. To consider that the thing was physically impossible for his condition. Cristian climbed to the top with his wife and two children, and at the sight of the statue of the Madonna he burst into tears. We then went down again along the sweetest path of the mysteries of the Rosary.
Back in his village of Piane Crati he walks, he no longer uses the wheelchair, he sleeps at night without a respirator and his peg has been removed.
Doctors declare this condition inexplicable, as there are no cases of ALS remission in the world “.

The case is still being examined by the ecclesiastical authority, under the supervision of the archbishop of Cosenza Bisignano Salvatore Nunnari. Cristian has always shown himself to be more than available towards the Church, which he always asks for authorization, for any initiative. Now Cristian has all been brought to Rome, where there are special commissions that are analyzing the case and towards which Cristian – he said – who will accept any decision on the matter.
The fact is that Cristian lived the disease for six long years, surrounded by the affection of the family that has always been close to him.