News Reporter left speechless after Bishop explains why Medjugorje cannot come from the Devil

– Is it possible that many things that happen in Medjugorje can be invented?

Bishop Hnilica – Some years ago, there was a Youth meeting in Medjugorje, and I was invited. During the encounter, a journalist asked me: “Bishop, don’t you believe that all that is happening in Medjugorje, comes from the devil (Satan)?

I answered: “I am a Jesuit. Saint Ignatius taught us how to discern spirits, but he also taught us that each event can have 3 different sources: human, divine or diabolic.”

In the end, he agreed with me that what is happening in Medjugorje cannot be explained from a human point of view – the fact that every year normal young people – thousands of them – are attracted, they stream in order to reconcile with God. Medjugorje has already been named “confessional of the world”, because, as a phenomenon, neither Lourdes nor Fatima managed to spur that many crowds of people to go for confession.

Then I asked the journalist what is happening during confession? He answered:  “The priest is delivering the sinner from the devil”.   

Then I said in response:  “Of course, Satan is capable of many things, but he is not capable of one thing: Is it possible that Satan spurs people to go for confession in order to be delivered precisely from him?”  The journalists laughed and he understood what I wanted to say. Therefore, the only cause remains in God. Later on, I told all this to the Holy Father about this conversation.”

8 thoughts on “News Reporter left speechless after Bishop explains why Medjugorje cannot come from the Devil

  • Our Lady need not be appearing for people to go to confession. That’s a logical fallacy. These false apparitions are most certainly the work of the devil. One only need to look at all the disobedience, lies, and heresy that surrounds the false apparitions. Those with eyes to see can see this.

    • You might question whether there is fake news disseminated about Medjugorje. Al, the multiple conversions and healings – are you saying they come from Baal? Remember Christ being accused of having done miracles through the devil? It is worth reading that passage – Luke 11: 15. And worth remembering Jesus’
      answer to that.

  • Jesus said , You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares. There has been much good fruit being bared in Medjugore. Where in “pray, pray, pray” so often asked for by our Lady is there bad fruit? Especially with so many of the faithful obeying…baring good fruit 100 fold

  • disobedience… Take a look at the Visioanries closely then read Chuch Militant .. The pope hating website.. good grief

  • Who said anything about Church Militant? Don’t change the subject. I look at the fruit of Medjugorie. The fruits are disobedience, disobedience, disobedience. One also sees heresy, lawlessness, lying, pride, divisiviness and most importantly DISOBEDIENCE! By their fruits you will know them indeed! The only good fruits there are things that can happen without the Blessed Virgin appearing. In fact, they all happen in my parish Church, and I’m pretty sure Our Lady isn’t appearing there. Yes, confessions, praying the rosary, and adoration are not fruits of apparitions of the Blessed virgin, but are the fruits of gathering believers together. These things happen whenever Catholics gather. When will you be converted and rejected these unapproved and condemned apparitions (and lest you say they are approved and not condemned – remember – the Local Bishop and the CDF have spoken already. To say other wise is just plain disobedience – the primary fruit of Medjugorie.

    • The Pope has sent Archbishop Hoser, who speaks nothing but good about Medjugorje.
      Those who deride this wonderful Grace of having Our Lady with us, to help us all to come closer to Jesus, God have a lot to answer for. They will not be answering to man but to God Himself
      It’s a fact, and think well before you jump,
      that the fruits of Medjugore are many, conversions, priestly vocations, miraculous miracles of healings, eye witness accounts of sun spinning, changing colour, crosses formed in the sky, the word Christ appearing in the sky, images of Our Lady in the sky and in St James Church.
      A priest was at an Apparition and not seeing anything decided to aim his camera at where the visionary was looking, got back to his homeland and lo, a Grace, a picture of the Virgin Mary, went back to Medjugorje and showed the visionaries the image, who confirmed it was Our Lady. The picture is on the cover of a book written by Wayne Weible, a former Lutheran, who after hearing an interior voice asking him to spread the messages heeded that voice, and for many years promoted Medjugorje, not the village, but the fact the Madonna was definately coming. The visionaries all six of them were interrogated by the communists, and refused to deny that She was coming, they suffered many persecutions by the communists and others. A priest Father Jozo, who at that time was told to protect the children, was interrogated by the communists, suffered
      torture and in fact was imprisoned for a few years, he refused to say that Our Lady was not coming. I have personally meet him, a walking saint. He is still promoting Her messages which are of a Mother, for her children to come back to God. I could tell those who do not belive a lot, a lot more. Wayne Weible died a couple of years ago, and I am sure is in Heaven. For those who have an open heart, it’s easy to see all the good
      For those who have a closed heart, they wish to destroy belief in others. If this were not of Heaven, seriously it would have collapsed many years ago, and to those who say why so long, the messages are repetitive etc my answer is this Its by the Grace of God through His great Love and mercy towards His children that he permits Our Lady to stay so long. What mother amongst us repeats many times to her children what to do and what not to do, or what is good for them, and what isn’t. So it is with Our Lady, She is a true Mother and like Her Son, very patient. Search and see the miraculous occurrence that have occurred there and do not doubt. Satan wishes to pull it down and to destroy it, he is the father of lies. By the way, Iconverted through not only reading Her messages but doing what She is asking us to do. And I am very happy I did!

  • Al go to confessions.medjugore is heaven on earth.i can tell by your fruits your on the wrong path.pray with the ?.I think your just a negative thinker that likes stirring the pray for you.

  • I can’t explain Medugorje in words. It’s a something that has to be experienced…….personally. Do yourself self a life-changing favor! Go!

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