Mirjana of Medjugorje: ‘We are approaching the time of the triumph of the heart of our Mother! This is all I can say about it now.”

In a recent testimony in Medjugorje, the visionary Mirjana Soldo declares: ‘We are approaching the time of the triumph of the heart of our Mother!’ The triumph of his heart will come through the priests, who are fundamental to this, it is important to pray for all of them! I can’t tell you more now!

“What I can say and you can make the same conclusion when you look at Our Lady’s messages, between good and evil, between what is supposed to happen because you have to know what our Lady said, what she started in Fatima she will accomplish in Medjugorje. She said ‘My Immaculate Heart will triumph’.

So from this moment that we are living now until her triumph, there is a bridge and that bridge are the priests. And Our Lady decided we must pray for the priests so that this bridge may form. Priests are the bridge and we need our priests so we can all cross that bridge that takes us to Our Lady’s triumph.”

Mirjana in talk on November 2007

“When we look at Our Lady’s messages, when we talk about the privileged ones then we can talk about priests. Because Our Lady never said what they should do but only and always what we should do for them. She said they don’t need you to to judge and criticise them, but they need you to pray for them and love them.

My children, if you lose respect for priests, then you will lose respect for the church and in the end, Dear God as well. Once again I repeat, God will judge the priests they way they were as priests . Recently, almost every 2nd of the month, Our Lady has been emphasising the importance of praying for priests.

For example when she is blessing us and the things that are for blessing, she always says, I am giving you my motherly blessing but the greatest blessing you can receive on earth is a blessing coming from your priest. That is my son himself blessing you. And she says do not forget to pray for your shepherds.Their priestly hands are blessed by my son. Even in this latest message she invited us to pray for our priests.

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  • Are we starting to get the picture? I beleive it Priest will be the bridge because of them you have the Eucharist.No priest, no Eucharist.

  • Many Holy Priests are suffering because of the guilty.
    Let us all pray for the innocent priests throughout the world who have always given us the Sacraments. Our Spiritual Fathers need our prayers now more than ever.

  • I believe Medjugorje is a big hoax and the visionaries are all liars and possibly diabolically possessed. The Blessed Mother has nothing to do with Medjugorje.

    • RON DOMEN. If you believe Medjugorje is a big hoax why are you reading about the visitations in Medjugorie? Perhaps somewhere deep inside that heart of yours you want to believe. Medjugorje is not a hoax. It is for real. We all need to pray for people like yourself so that one day you will believe and you can be saved for all eternity as a result. God Bless You.

    • Lord God, Bridegroom of the all mankind, I beg of you please make the priest, bishops, deacons, nuns to repent I know they are also Sinners no one is perfect not even saints and I pray for them they are also deceived by Satan by impurity, sexual sin. Pls Lord make them confess, repent and pure. Pls Lord make them more, even they are very religious but still make them feel ecstasy, die, fainted, addicted melt, possessed, obsessed, of your great folly, madly greatest love cuz ur the spouse all mankind. Lord God pls let them kiss you and hug you so that they will repent Let them taste your sweetnes so that they will prevent, refrain, not yield any temptation to sin your beloved spouse your Lay People the Church to be be intimate with you as a spouse, make them feel ecstasy, die, fainted, addicted melt, possessed, obsessed, of your great folly, madly greatest sweetest love, Let them taste your spiritual sweetest kisses and hug, caresses to repent more and more, to go to confession more and more, to be intimate with you more as a spiritual spouse not just take you for granted as WE are all are. Pls Lord do not the Lay people will not judge the priest nor abandoned your church and not love you anymore, Lord just becuz priest are sinners we should not leave your church and go to other false religion worst not love u anymore cuz they are now discourage, madly accusing, judging the mistakes of priest. Pls let your spouse people be united when trials comes Pls let us be united into one Eucharist altar whenever end of times, trials tribulations, comes of your church. Pls make us stronger, brave, with love whenever trials from the Church comes. For the sake of his sorrowful passion have mercy on us and of the whole world. Pls for the sake of Mother Mary our Mama Pls I beg you for the conversion of us sinners. Im trying my Lord to sacrifice my suffering for our conversion. Pls I want to imitate Moses begging bargaining your mercy I know your so merciful I know my Lord and I want you to know that Im imitating Moses or St. Gemma begging bargaining your mercy for sure they are not the only one have the rights to bargain your mercy but WE also because we are all your spouse and children. Pls I beg you through the Immaculate heart Mary, for sure you you wont refuse your Mother just as St. Gemma did she plead you through Mary because your king of Love and obedience, I know my majesty that your so merciful than us, but Pls I beg you pls make us the will to repent more, confess more, love you more as a spouse, love our neighbors more. Amen.

  • Pray, offer all your daily works, suffering and Thanksgiving for the sake of our priest and the church to grow stronger in faith, forgiveness, hope and peace. God himself answers even our thoughts!

  • I noticed that there are many posts of very dated interviews of the seers from many years ago. Have they stopped giving interviews in regards to the secrets or more current issues more recently?

  • It is my understanding they all have the secrets and have for years, Its about when the first secret is to be unveiled and the priest chosen to be allowed to announce, correct? Its pretty clear we are close to the 1st one imo

  • Dear Mr.Domen: That doesn’t sound like the work of the devil to me, when the visionaries tell us the Blessed Mother is calling us to live the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments, as you well know, are the ALL of the Christian life. Don’t let the spirits of darkness embitter your soul. Pray the rosary and receive from the Lord the affection of truth from holy love.

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