Weeping Statue from Medjugorje .. Italian couple receive warnings and prophecies … Aramaic writings (language of Jesus) appear on wall. Curia Investigates.

SOURCE: LA LUCIA DI MARIA (translated by Google from Italian)

The Statue from Medjugorje

A statue of the Madonna, from Medjugorje, began to cry in 2016, but nobody talks about it anymore.

Medjugorje - Trevignano
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Trevignano Romano, near Rome, 2016. The Curia and the Carabinieri have made a common front, to shed light on some presumed supernatural manifestations. 
The facts concern a husband and wife, Gisella and Gianni, owners of a figurine of the Madonna, coming from Medjugorje. 
It seems that, since her entry into that family, Our Lady has begun to shed blood and to reveal some signs and omens to Signora Gisella.

Medjugorje – Trevignano: a voice was calling me

Everything happens, punctually, since 2016, every day 3rd of the month. Mrs Gisella gave an interview for Rai Uno, saying: “I was at home with my husband and I heard the voice calling me and she was saying to me” My daughter, my daughter “.” 
Gisella had already knelt at that vision, which reassured her: “Don’t worry, your family will also feel my presence”, along with an intense scent of roses and bells.

It also seems that Signora Gisella had seen Aramaic writings appear on the walls of her house, as on her arm, and that other inexplicable facts had occurred in the village. 
According to Ms. Gisella, the Madonna is trying to give an alarm : ” Warnings that the Madonna does to bring us closer to the faith and also invites us to respect nature. He also told me that there will be earthquakes and nuclear catastrophes: he told me that the volcanoes would start erupting, and that’s what’s happening, even if nobody says it ”. “The Amatrice earthquake had told me three days before August 24, 2016. The problem is that we should pray more and these horrible phenomena would be mitigated.”

The authorities in charge have not yet expressed their views on the persons described and their mystical nature. 
That Our Lady would like humanity to return to faith is already a certain fact, as it is certain that man has been taking advantage of planet Earth for centuries, making himself guilty of generating environmental catastrophes, which could put the lives of many species at risk animals and plants, as well as the man himself.

Source: Antonella Sanicanti La Lucia di Maria