Coronavirus Emergency: Which Saints should we turn to?… This powerful prayer to be recited today asking  Saint Rosalia to intercede for us will help in these difficult times

In the Coronavirus emergency, we raise our prayers to God, asking for the intercession of the Saints.

There are many Saints to turn to during epidemics. In addition to San Rocco, another protector is Santa Rosalia from Palermo.

Coronavirus: which Saints should we turn to?

The fear of contagion, the danger of an epidemic lead us to seek refuge and protection in faith. God is always beside us and never abandon us, even in those moments when everything seems lost. In the particular historical moment that we are experiencing, especially with this Coronavirus emergency , there are many preventive provisions issued by the Government to be followed and, also the Church (as an institution) had to align with them.


There is something that, unlike all the others (governments or institutions), the Church asks us: to pray, to pray that the flame of our faith will not go out, even if we cannot go materially to the Church.

Pray even if you cannot go to church

Jesus told us: ” Because where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them ” (MT 18, 20) ; and again: “ Instead, when you pray, enter your room and, having closed the door, pray to your Father in secret; and your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you “(MT 6, 6) . For this reason, prayer, the Holy Rosary, addressing the patron saints of great epidemics, can help us feel less alone and make us perceive the constant presence of Christ beside us.

There are particular saints who are invoked in cases of the outbreak of epidemics: one of these is Santa Rosalia from Palermo . Very little is known about her. A Saint of the Middle Ages who, in 1625, saved the city of Palermo from the plague.

Prayer to Santa Rosalia

With firm faith and sure hope that God will answer our prayers, through the intercession of Saint Rosalia, let us also turn to her, so that this new plague of the Coronavirus can be eradicated:

“O dear virgin Rosalia, who with your special intercession freed our country many times from the terrible scourges of divine wrath, oh! Intercede for us today with the God of mercies, so that he does not want to relate to the enormity of our sins to punish us, but instead grant us time for penance. May your relics that are in the middle, assure us of your protection and obtain from God the grace to glorify him together with you in heaven for ever and ever. So be it .