Sub-Saharan Africa is the most conflicted region of the world, where Christianity is growing the fastest and is also the most persecuted. And where lay people and priests and bishops believe more in the supernatural aspects of faith than in the west.

In 2017, the Cardinal Archbishop of Kinshasa, Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya approved the apparition that started in 1988 and is still active, which is a real rarity.

Here we will talk about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the Congo, her messages, the great miracles that happened, which are not happening in the West today, and her warning about a world war and requests that it not happen.

“Mother of Disarmament”

And just as Our Lady appeared in Kibeh in 1982 to warn of war, from 1988 she also appeared in Congo, also to warn not only of local fires, but also of global ones.

According to testimony, Our Lady appeared on May 3, 1988 to Raphael Minga Kwete, born in 1967 to a Protestant father and a Catholic mother.

She presented herself under the title “Mother of Disarmament”, in performances officially recognized by the Archbishop of Kinshasa.

The Virgin explained to Raphael that the Devil keeps people’s hearts bound to the point that they think only of evil.

The disarmament from the title, as it is presented, refers above all to the human interior that needs to be disarmed.

“Because many are immersed in sorcery, magic, drugs, violence and the desire to wage war,” says Our Lady in these messages.

But it also refers to disarming the strategy that the devil employs.

“At this moment the devil is trying to cause the third world war, which will be nuclear,” Our Lady warned.

On December 27, 1995, Our Lady announced to Rafael the imminent outbreak of war in the east of the country, which began the following year. She added that it could escalate, because the land was dedicated to Satan on May 5, 1975 at midnight.

Strange phenomena in Africa

Thus, the third millennium would be marked by problems, in Africa, and from there also in the world.

Cardinal Monsengwo discussed the constant occurrences of “miracles of the sun” observed in Kinshasa and in the interior of the country.

He saw the country invaded and devastated, its population massacred and continuing to suffer atrocities.

And that these things were prophesied in apparitions.

Rafael says that on May 3, 1988, he locked himself in his room, with his rosary, and knelt down.

He fell into a trance between 4 in the afternoon and 3 in the morning. He felt like he was in an underground space.

It was so dark that you couldn’t see anything. Then there appeared a light of complete whiteness, flawless.

Do not be afraid

It was a Virgin. Her feet did not touch the ground. “Don’t be afraid,” was the first thing she told him.

And she showed him some kind of scene on which it was written: ‘Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Disarmament.’

She gave him a reference from the Bible and announced that “the days of great trouble are coming”. You will inform the authorities when I give you permission”.

He said yes and that the Virgin Mary told him that she had received grace from her Son to act.

“If the Congolese people in general, and the clergy of the Catholic Church in particular, accept her as the Mother of Disarmament and if the satisfaction masses celebrated by the Cardinal and the consecration of the Congo to her Son that she requests are held, the things that await them will be avoided or shortened.

Namely, a civil war lasting more than twenty years, the fragmentation of the country, the problems of Africa, and especially the third nuclear world war will be avoided.

And so the Congo, freed from the clutches of the devil, will experience great prosperity, because it is governed and inhabited by God-fearing men and women.

And the new evangelization will spread from the Congo to Africa, and then to the whole world.

But until the wishes of the Virgin are fulfilled, the Democratic Republic of Congo will be constantly at war.

The seer receives the stigmata

A month later, on June 3, according to the seer, Jesus appeared to him dressed in red and said: “My cross is your liberation! You too will suffer martyrdom in your soul. Through your suffering you will see many things.”

Raphael then received the stigmata from Christ.

And on July 15, Christ appeared to him bleeding again, he breathed his last and Rafael had the impression that a cross was attached to his head.

On July 27, at 4:41 in the morning, the Child Jesus called him with a lamp, and not long after that, our Heavenly Mother arrived, saying to Raphael:

“I came to disarm Satan and his servants because they are preparing a real catastrophe and a world war. Let the leaders of the Church think about what I just said. Let your meditations be humble in order to understand what I truly want by revealing myself to you as the Mother of Disarmament.”

“I gave this message to the clergy so they could spread it before the official end of the Marian year,” Rafael said.

Rafael understood that the Virgin appeared because trouble was coming for the whole world.

The following year, on April 14, five rainbows appeared simultaneously in the sky above the site, and in 1996, more than thirty thousand witnesses will see the sun dancing as in Fatima.

The almond tree, an indigenous tree, dried up in three days between April 14 and 17, 1989, during the rainy season.

The dryness of this tree symbolizes the crisis, the uselessness of a person without faith and without hope in God.

And above all, it is a visible sign of the presence of the Virgin in that place. That is why the place of the apparition was called the “dried tree”, Nzete Ekauka. However, the Mother of God promised that next to the “dry tree” another tree would grow, signifying that the one who believes will live forever.

This new tree has already grown in a mysterious way. And where there used to be a “dry tree”, now a well has appeared. And that water turned into wine on several occasions, according to analyzes conducted at the University of Kinshasa. Numerous healing and recovery miracles also occurred.