Salve Regina | 450 voices – virtual choir | Catholic Music – 2.2 million view “DOES ANYONE FEEL THIS PEACE WHEN YOU HEAR THIS??? ANYONE??? It’s indescribable..”

Recordings made during the quarantine of COVID-19 – April 2020. We especially thank the 450 people from 33 different countries who recorded their voices and all those who sent video shots, more than 150 in total, their time, talent and generosity made this production possible.

Help us make more videos by making your contribution at the following link:… All the resources collected constitute a solid economic base that supports the work of the Fundación Canto Católico Foundation. The Foundation aims to promote the encounter of men with God by serving the Church through music. In this sense, the funds will be especially destined to the creation of more videos.

Review written by the arranger:…


One of the largest virtual choirs we’ve seen sings a prayer to the Blessed Mother to perfection.

Canto Católico, a lay foundation called to serve Christ and his Church through Catholic music, produced this incredible video in May, during the height of the world pandemic. Featuring 450 voices singing “Salve Regina,” this video is as beautiful as the sacred music setting of the prayer to the Blessed Mother it captures.

The recording opens up with a solo female voice singing the opening verse, but quickly adds the tremendous choir into the mix. The chorus comes in softly, which is an impressive feat for so large a group. They maintain an impeccable vocal mix as they break off into harmonies, and their diction is also exceptional, which is quite difficult for 450 people who are not in the same room.

Just as entertaining, however, is the Catholic imagery spliced between shots of the chorus singing from behind their isolated windows. The video features members of religious orders and the laity of all ages taking part in Catholic ceremonies and prayer groups, which adds to the sweetness of the sacred music. As an added bonus, they included English subtitles for the Latin.

Canto Católico, which means “Catholic song,” is a charitable organization that seeks to spread the love of Catholic sacred music, a genre of music that was developed through the Church. They explain on their website that they have two goals: to educate Catholics about the traditional music of their faith, and to teach the faithful how to perform works of ministry.

Visit their YouTube page to hear more of their fine recordings.