What Really Happens to a Pilgrim’s Soul When They Return from Medjugorje

From “Echo”

Alexandra of Mantua, Italy, was recently in Medjugorje.

Following is her testimony:

After my pilgrimage to Medjugorje I began seeing things differently, including my relationship with others. My ability to love broadened, and I’ve become more

patient,more readily understanding of others,especially with what I previously saw as weaknesses and differences of opinion or ways of living that I had difficulty accepting.Now I see everything under a new light.

For a while I’ve been feeling very happy, and I have an inner serenity that makes me feel in harmony with everything around me. And I manage to keep this with me wherever I go, especially where I work. This has helped me adjust some relationships with certain co-workers that weren’t the best. Now I have a different vision, and I am able to accept them despite certain choices and behaviour of theirs that I had previously judged to be incorrect.


Now that I feel ‘protected’ and serene, I’ve lost the fear of negative impact that some of their behaviour could have had on me.Everything has become more harmonious,and this allows me to live the very beautiful experience of sharing what I have received. I had brought back with me

some small souvenirs from Medjugorje for some of my colleagues, and I noticed with pleasure that this made them happy; perhaps it was the act of love, more so than the souvenirs themselves, that gave them joy.


In any case,I also noticed that other colleagues, whom I had not thought of, also would have desired receiving the same gift. So I photocopied some of Our Lady’s messages, and offered these, together with other small souvenirs that I had bought on previous pilgrimages,to the other colleagues.


In my heart I seemed to perceive the approval of Our Lady and Lord who desire reaching out to everyone.There were even some who are far from the faith, who I wouldn’t have expected would care to receive my little gift, but who showed to appreciate it quite a bit; and this made me see the good that is in them.


This experience is still bearing fruit. It has allowed me to come closer to colleagues with whom I wasn’t particularly close. These, however,have asked me to pray for them, and this has made me see how people are very much in need of the Lord’s unreserved love.

The whole experience has been very positive for me, relieving me, as it were, of both mental and physical fatigue that usually accompany our daily living. All is back to normal now, and I remain in good relations with my colleagues. I’m sure this will bearnew fruits.

Alessandra Zampier