Medjugorje. “Here the Madonna has healed the traumas of my life. I am reborn to new life… Through Mary, evil has abandoned my life.”


This is the story of a young mother of two who lives in northern Italy with her husband. Her adolescence is studded with so much suffering and some unpleasant episodes that left her traumas and injuries for many years. Her name is Sara . She has always been close to faith and has sought the love of God since she was a child, then, as happens a little for everyone, during her adolescence, she went away for a short time from the Church, but her encounter with Jesus he has given new hope.

Can you tell us what happened to you during your adolescence?
I was abused by a person very close to my family, so close that I never had the courage to tell anyone what he was able to do. So everything went dark in my heart, I just wanted to disappear and die. I no longer accepted myself and not even the others and here was the depression another daughter of the enemy, the evil. I felt lonely, fragile, terribly afraid of everything.Panic attacks also began, I felt abandoned (although my boyfriend was always present and now is my current husband) but still a kid at the time. I no longer had joy and peace in my heart. 

During the pilgrimage you had many signs of the Queen of Peace. Can you tell someone about it?
When I got on the bus, the first day I began to smell a very strong smell of roses. We arrived in Bosnia and the phone started not to work, the idea of ​​not being able to hear, every time I wanted my family was driving me crazy. Later I understood that Our Lady wanted me to dedicate this week only to her, because my family would have thought of Jesus.

As soon as I arrived at the hotel, my thoughts were fixed on how I would spend the night because I had not been able to sleep peacefully for years. Instead, that very night, I dreamed all the time Maria, those blue eyes staring at mine, I felt loved and rocked, all night, and when I woke up, she was there with her gaze fixed on me.
How is your life now after the pilgrimage?
I no longer have panic attacks, neither fears nor insomnia. Everything is gone, as if it had never been there. Through Mary, evil has abandoned my life, it is only a distant memory. Thanks to Jesus and Mary, I was reborn to new life, I understood that I must not rely on human forces alone and that my affection for my family should not be morbid, because only God gives us joy, peace and love ; that free and sincere love.

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