Medjugorje: DID Pope John Paul II appear at Mirjana’s APPARITION? POWERFUL VIDEO of “Glowing man”

Who else can it be? Who does it look like?

Some now say, after viewing this video footage, that Saint John Paul the Great appeared on Apparition Hill during Mirjana’s August 2, 2019 apparition with the Blessed Mother.

As we can see from the video the glowing figure pulls out a rosary an instant before Mirjana sees the Virgin Mary – Did he see the Blessed Mother arrive as well?

We see the glowing man in reverent prayer and then he slowly goes down on his knees.

What makes the event so mysterious is that the ghostly figure dressed in white holding a rosary, is not visible in one video while we can plainly see the holy figure in another video.

Viewing the video we clearly see a man wearing a pair of dark sun glasses standing behind the ghostly figure in white and in another video we see the man in the dark glasses with the Pope John Paul II look-a-like, gone!

We took screen shots from both videos and as you can see from the image below on the left side the “Ghost of Pope John Paul II ” is plainly visible while he is missing in the photo on the right. Notice the priest with the sun glasses inside the red circle. The priest provides a reference point to where the mysterious figure was standing. Of course all of this is for your discernment – And we welcome comments on what may explain the mystery of the glowing white figure  who looks a lot  like Pope John Paul II.