Medjugorje: Our Lady: “Be ready, this time is a turning point” The Darkness of Satan is settling in.

This time, which has lasted since June 24, 1981, is characterized by an event that is unique in the history of humanity, the presence of Our Lady among us here on earth bringing with her messages from Heaven that contain urgent calls to return to God.

Our Lady reminds her children that our time here on earth is short and that eternity is our destiny. She says: “Be ready, time is running out.”

In a message of special power , in an apparition with Miryana, on June 2, 2017, the Blessed Mother made a point of this directly.

She said: “Dear children, as in the other places where I have come to you, also here I am calling you to prayer. Pray for those who do not know my Son, for those who have not come to know the love of God, against sin, for the consecrated – for those whom my Son called to have love and the spirit of strength for you, for the Church.

Pray to my Son, and the love which you experience from His nearness will give you the strength to make you ready for the works of love which you will do in His name. My children, be ready. This time is a turning point. That is why I am calling you anew to faith and hope. I am showing you the way by which you need to go, and those are the words of the Gospel. Apostles of my love, the world is in such need of your arms raised towards Heaven, towards my Son, towards the Heavenly Father. Much humility and purity of heart are needed.

Have trust in my Son and know that you can always be better. My motherly heart desires for you, apostles of my love, to be little lights of the world, to illuminate the world where darkness wants to begin to reign, to show the true way by your prayer and love, to save souls. I am with you. Thank you.”

Our Lady reminds us to be ready, because without prayer and without her Son who is the true way, a darkness will descend which is of satan. Our Lady warned of this danger directly on May 25, 2020.

“Dear children! Pray with me for a new life for all of you. In your hearts , little children, you know what needs to be changed. Return to God and His Commandments, so that the Holy Spirit may change your lives and the face of this earth, which is in need of renewal in the spirit.

Little children, be prayer for all those who do not pray; be joy for all those who do not see the way out; be carriers of light in the darkness of this peaceless time. Pray and seek the help and protection of the saints so that you also could yearn for Heaven and Heavenly realities. I am with you and am protecting and blessing all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Our Celestial Mother often reminds us that this time on earth is short. And because of this, Our lady, like a good mother, implores us to be ready and to not waste time with unworthy ideas and small vanities. She says to put God in the first place in our lives because at the end of your journey, God will answer all your questions.