In an early apparition in March 1988, Christina received a request from Our Blessed Lady, that a special medal be struck; “I would like My Son’s Cross on it, with me on My knees praying for My children. On the other side, I would like the two hearts (of Jesus & Mary) weeping tears of blood.”

When asked by the visionary what the medal should be called, Our Lady replied:
“Simply call it The Matrix. My Son wishes to mould.”

Christina was asked by her spiritual director (Rev Dr Gerarad McGinnity) to make sure that she had the name correct, as he thought it might be ‘Mediatrix’, but the visionary was correct, as Our Lady confirmed the name of the medal when Christina next saw her in appartition.

On the same occasion, Our Lady stated:
“My child, My Son and I hurt very much when our children do not hear us. Their hearts are closed to us. Pray, pray, pray and make sacrifices to My Son’s Heart, that people will hear us calling them.”

Mrs Gallagher did as She requested and The Matrix Medal, as it is called, has been available for some time.

Many Matrix Medals have already been produced and distributed all over the world and there are numerous reports of spiritual conversions and healing, also of physical healing and cures recorded.

Beautiful testimonies have been received of individual as well as family conversions by means of the Matrix Medal. People outside the Catholic Church have been brought to seek the true faith and people within the Church who had lapsed from the sacraments have been brought back after as long as thirty years absence.

When asked about the Matrix Medal, Christina said that she has heard of many conversions and also cures through the medal, but those graces were from God and while Our Lady had asked for the medal through her, what people received had nothing to do with her. She only learned of these things from other people and she does not distribute the medals. She had heard of a young man who was in danger of death after being struck by a hurley ball, and of a child with cancer, and various other cases and of instance where people were away for a long time from the Church and the Sacraments, and who received graces and returned, through the use of the medal.

A letter from California, USA stated;
“I am writing to let you know that since I’ve received the Matrix Medal for my wife, my son and myself and started praying the Chaplet, I went to Confession after some 30 years without any prompting. My middle daughter went to Confession after 15 years. My youngest daughter started to attend Mass last week and has made a commitment to attend mass for the next year because she wants her son, my grandson to make his First Communion. I can only say that I did not do any prompting or browbeating to either of them. They live approximately 200 miles from me. Jesus’ mercy endures forever, and the Blessed Mother is always ready to take our hand and help us to Her Son Jesus, we believe.”

A person from Mallow, Co Cork wrote:
“I would like to get some medals to give out. I was speaking to one woman who got one of the matrix medals and rubbed it on the ulcers on her legs and they were cured. They were very bad for years.”

Extracts from;
“Please Come Back to Me & My Son ” Our Lady’s appeal through Christina Gallagher to the people of Ireland and all humanity.
“Out of the Ecstasy & Onto The Cross” Biography of Christina Gallagher


In 1990, when the new film, “The Hill of Redemption” about the extraordinary events in Akita, Japan, was first seen on RTE television, it contained a surprising brief sequence about a little known series of messages from Our Lady, given to a young housewife in Co Mayo, Ireland, Mrs Christina Gallagher, from the beginning of 1988. In the following years the messages in question and the events surrounding them have become more widely known in Ireland and throughout the world.

Many of those who have heard at first hand, details of the messages received, have been very favourably impressed. Several books have been written about the messages and the experiences of Christina Gallagher including one ‘Our Lady Touches Ireland & The World’ documenting just some of over 700 recorded healings and experiences associated with this work. A number of medically documented major healings were presented to the Church in 2000 for their consideration and today in 2011 we can see that many of the prophesies contained in Our Lady’s messages have been fulfilled, to further support the authenticity of the work.

There are links in content between the messages reportedly given in various other contemporary apparitions, including Akita, and the events and messages involving Christina Gallagher. The basic content is similar, but Our Lady’s messages to Christina Gallagher also relate in a special way to Ireland and the Irish people.