The Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Secrets of Medjugorje

Dear Father Livio, when today you remembered what Mirjana said, that with the first secret Satan’s kingdom will begin to collapse, you made me think of the 10 plagues of Egypt.             

 Most Holy Mary stated that those who pray must not be afraid of the future and on 1 January 2024 she thanked you for having responded to her call, stating that neither you nor your children nor your children’s children will regret it.

The 10 secrets of Medjugorje somehow refer to the 10 plagues of Egypt, and in the Bible story the Jews who believed in the God of Israel were spared from the plagues, but the Pharaoh and the unbelieving Egyptians were hit hard.

Here I think that something like this will happen in the time of the 10 secrets, that is, whoever, through prayer, manages to be faithful to the call of the Madonna, faithful to the Church and the Pope, will manage to make the passage through the Red Sea which will open in miraculous way before them.

Unfortunately, those who do not do this will be overwhelmed and I do not say this lightly, thinking of the many people dear to me who at this moment are far from the ways of the Lord.

But I pray every day so that they can open their hearts to God also because I realize the great grace I have received in having been called to faith and to recognize in my heart the truthfulness of Mary’s apparitions and the secrets connected to her.

So what happened to me can happen to anyone because nothing is impossible with God. 

Thank you Father Livio for your commitment, your faith and your daily support.


Dear Simone,

I agree with what you wrote in simple and convincing words. It is truly true that the Holy Spirit illuminates humble people with his light, while blinding proud ones.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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