Last two messages at Medjugorje: Our Lady said it clearly: “the demon is unleashed”

Let us analyze the last two messages of the month of November , which the Queen of Peace has given to the visionaries of Medjugorje, so that they may be propagated to the world.
On November 2, Our Lady appeared sad, saying: “My motherly heart suffers as I look at my children who do not embrace the truth, but hide it while I look at my children who do not pray with feelings and deeds. I am sad while I tell my Son that many of my children have no more faith, that they do not know Him, my Son “

Today many think they can prevail and live without GOD.
People thus stand in despair and alone, but the heavenly Mother reminds us that none of us is alone and this is what Our Lady returned to tell us on November 25: “I am with you, children and I urge you not to renounce the good, because the fruits are seen, heard, arrive far away. So the enemy is angry and uses everything to get away from prayer “.

The purpose of us faithful is to direct our intentions, during the “requests to heaven”, following the instructions of the heavenly Mother, so as to learn to pray in unison, as undivided members of the mystical Body of Christ and therefore of the universal Church .

The Queen of Peace invites us to look inside

The Queen of Peace invites us to look within us, to find in our heart the humility that is necessary for us to recognize ourselves in need of graces and purification from sin.
In that forgotten corner of our being, we will also find the power of love that is at the base of our Christian humanity and that will allow us to discern good from evil, without judging those who have done it. This will teach us to recognize in others (starting from our family and from the people we frequent daily) the light of God, which each person has provided.

That brightness can be dimmed by the enemy, who tries to hide the truth of things, causing us to perceive the other as someone who can be removed. What a worse attitude for the man who does not recognize in the next himself, the brother, the closest friend, made of the same matter – as created by God himself – and of the same human frailties! The invitation of the Queen of Peace is not to be afraid of giving oneself, of letting Christ work in our heart and from our heart to others, through actions and deeds that must be worthy of the Mother that unites us, waiting that what his Son promised is fulfilled.

Antonella Sanicanti

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