Medjugorje: Visionary Vicka – “The Blonde Girl who Enters Hell Is Transformed into a beast.”

Fr. Livio, in an interview asked the visionary Vicka about the fires of Hell and about the paradise of Heaven. Fr. Livio: “Did you see what happens when people enter the boundaries of Hell?

Vicka: “Yes, yes.It’s like when you see a person, for example a blonde girl, who is normal before entering the fire. But when she goes down into the fire and then comes back up, she changes into a beast, as if she had never been a person.”

Father Livio: Marija told us, in the interview with Radio Maria, that when Our Lady showed you Hell during the apparition without bringing you to the afterlife, this blonde girl, when she came out of the fire, also had the horns and the tail. Is that what happens?

Vicka: Yes, it’s just a way of being like demons. It is a transformation that happens quickly. Before falling down into the fire, they are normal and when they come back on they are transformed.

Our Lady told us: “These people who are here in Hell have gone there with their own will, because they wanted to go there. The people who are here on earth who already go against God begin to live in Hell here on earth and then only continue “. They choose hell at the time of death.”

Fr. Livio: You have said that the Queen of Peace also took you and Jakov to Heaven. Is this true? Can you say anything about that?

Vicka: Jakov and I have not visited all of Heaven, but Our Lady has explained it to us and also took us to certain parts. We have seen a large space wrapped in a light that does not exist here on earth. We have seen people who are neither fat nor skinny, but all the same and have garments of three colors: gray, yellow and red. People walk, sing, pray. There are also little Angels that fly. Our Lady told us: “Look how happy are the people who are here in Paradise”. It is a joy that can not be described and that does not exist here on earth.”

Father Livio: Our Lady has made you understand the essence of Paradise which is the happiness that never ends. “In heaven there is joy”, she said in a message.Vicka: Yes, yes there is a joy that never ends. She then showed me the perfect people without any physical defect. She did this to help us understand that, at the time of the resurrection of the dead, we will have a body of glory like that of the Risen Jesus.

Fr. Livio: Yes, thank you for sharing that interesting point, but I would like to know what kind of dress did they wear. Did they wear tunics? Vicka: Yes, some tunics.
Father Livio: Did they come to the bottom of their feet or were they short? Vicka: They were long and came all the way. Father Livio: What color were the tunics? Vicka: Gray, yellow and red. Father Livio: Do you think these colors have meaning?

Vicka: Our Lady did not explain it to us. When she wants, the Madonna explains, but at that moment she did not explain why they have the tunics of three different colors. Father Livio: How are the Angels?
Vicka: Angels are like little children. Father Livio: Do they have the whole body or just the head as in Baroque art? Vicka: They have the whole body.

Father Livio: Do they also wear robes?
Vicka: “Yes, but they are short.” Father Livio: Do you see the legs then? Vicka: Yes, because they do not have long tunics. Father Livio: Do they have small wings?

Vicka: Yes, they have wings and they fly above people who are in Heaven. “Thank you Vicka for sharing these experiances that make us all wonder.” Thank you for watching and God Bless