Well-known blogger Priest Fr. Zuhlsdorf leaves diocese after live-streaming exorcisms of alleged election fraud ..YouTube video of exorcism taken down

Source The Hill

Conservative Catholic priest the Rev. John Zuhlsdorf is leaving a diocese in Madison, Wis., after live-streaming himself performing an exorcism of alleged election fraud, according to a report in the Lincoln Journal Star.

The exorcism that was originally published on YouTube has been taken down. A statement by the diocese on Jan. 14 said Madison Catholic Diocese Bishop Donald Hying and Zuhlsdorf came to the “mutual decision” for him to leave.

Zuhlsdorf, a popular and controversial traditionalist priest according to the Journal Star, believed the false election fraud claims former President Trump and his supporters pushed following President Biden’s election. The exorcism was aimed at these election fraud claims, according to the report.

The priest said that he got permission from the bishop to perform the exorcism, but Hying denied that claim.

Hying told Zuhlsdorf he had permission to perform an exorcism “for the intention of alleviation from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic” and not for political activities, the National Catholic Reporter reported.

“The Reverend Zuhlsdorf, who is in good canonical standing, will relocate from the Diocese of Madison to pursue other opportunities,” the Jan. 14 statement said. “The Bishop of Madison is grateful to the Reverend Zuhlsdorf for his faithful support of the diocese’s seminarians and priests, thanks him for his many years of steadfast ministry serving the diocese, and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.”

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Diocese spokesman Brent King said Zuhlsdorf was not an employee of the parish and that the best nonreligious term to compare him to is a “freelancer.”

Zuhlsdorf posted on his blog on Jan. 15 that he would leave Madison but did not mention the exorcism or the exact reason for him leaving.

The parish’s statement and Zuhlsdorf’s departure came after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, leaving five people dead.

2 thoughts on “Well-known blogger Priest Fr. Zuhlsdorf leaves diocese after live-streaming exorcisms of alleged election fraud ..YouTube video of exorcism taken down

  • If the election wasn’t stolen, why won’t anyone allow Trump to present the evidence. He clearly won. I’m glad this priest had the courage to perform an exorcism about the elections. We need to wake up. Because the death o crats are taking away our rights and we are letting them. If people would take the time to truly investigate what happened at the capitol, they would see how antifa was involved.

    Biden codified abortion and Francis supports Biden and congratulated him on winning the election. Francis wants the great reset. Socialism. He’s a false prophet.

    Twitter, Facebook and YouTube want to shut down conservatives.

    Fr Ripperger encourages people to pray for Trump and the election because it was a fraud.

  • Diane I agree and it’s a disgrace that this this man calls himself a devout catholic , yet bears false witness against many , is for the murder of unborn children up until and after birth , invaded Syria within hours of taking office not to mention was life long friends with Robert Byrd a grand wizard in the KKK . This man is evil masquerading as good . It’s a shame the eyes of to many Catholics are blinded .

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