“I will give you clear signs” – Viral Video – The Holy Spirit Descends on Pope Francis at Pentecost Sunday – Halo and Doves appear in incense.

Holy Spirit Arrives? A viral video surfaced showing what appears to be an incense halo above Pope Francis’ head at the May 23 Pentecost Mass.


Medjugorje: the message of 2 July 2019 invites us to reflect on the importance of our faith and how it can change our lives and those close to us. Our Lady says “I WILL GIVE YOU CLEAR SIGNS

Medjugorje: Message of July 2, 2019

Dear children, according to the will of the merciful Father, I have given you and will still give you clear signs of my maternal presence. My children, it is for my maternal desire for the healing of souls. It is because of the desire that every child of mine has an authentic faith, that lives prodigious experiences by drinking at the source of the Word of my Son, of the Word of life. My children, with his love and sacrifice, my Son brought the light of faith into the world and showed you the way of faith.

Because, my children, faith raises pain and suffering. Authentic faith makes prayer more sensitive, performs works of mercy: a dialogue, an offering. Those children of mine who have faith, an authentic faith, are happy in spite of everything, because they live on earth the beginning of the happiness of Heaven. Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, I invite you to give an example of authentic faith, to bring light where there is darkness, to live my Son.

My children, as Mother I tell you: you cannot walk the way of faith and follow my Son without your pastors. Pray that they have the strength and love to guide you. Your prayers are always with them. Thank you.