Two of Mystic Post’s Favorite Catholic Heroes… Fr. Leon’s Extraordinary Encounter with the Virgin Mary as Told by Immaculee…. “I am your Mother and the Mother of God. I want you to tell everyone you meet that I am their Mother and I love them.”…

Immaculee Ilibagiza and Fr. Leon Perreira on Medjugorje:

Dear friends,

I wanted to share with you something beautiful I heard in Medjugorje. For those who don’t know, Medjugorje. is a beautiful place where Mary, the Mother of Jesus, appearing since 1981. It is a peaceful place, surrounded by hills and mountains and the air is clean and the wind is gentle.

Mary chose a great place as she always does. In Rwanda She chose Kibeho, a paradise indeed. When I am in Medjugorje, I love that everything is either PRAYER or about prayer. Every evening, there is a 3 hours of prayers, first the Rosary, then Mass, then an hour of Adoration or Veneration of the Cross. During the day, they are different talks, about God that encourages our Faith. Before you know it, the whole day have been PRAYER.

When I want to spend time in prayer, I go to Medj., then I am not trying so hard to find time to pray. One of the talks I have enjoyed so much, among many (ex. Patrick and Nancy), is the talk of Fr. Leon, a priest who was blessed to see Our Lady in Medjugorje with his own eyes.

He describes Her as a young woman of incomparable beauty, whose presence makes you feel the very essence of happiness, totally loved. She spoke to him and gave him a message for all of us. He said, that Our Lady told him all his sins in a most positive way, like a Mother guiding a son to notice his mistakes in order to change them.

In his words, “every little lack of charity, every unkind comment, every dishonest thought … they all count…”   When he asked Our Lady who she was, She told him, “I am your Mother and the Mother of God. I want you to tell everyone you meet that I am their Mother and I love them.”

Fr. Leon says that when she said, “I am their Mother”, it felt to him that She gave birth to everyone. And when She said, “I love them”, he described it as if he felt crushed with HER LOVE, to feel it. He said about how She looked at him, “She absolutely adores you, she looked at me like I was the only person in the whole universe and that is how She looks at everyone.” Mary is a reflection of God’s Love and that spoke to my heart not only how much Mary loves me but how much God loves me.

I have written my experience of surviving the genocide in Rwanda back in 1994 and how I came to forgive the killers of my family, in my book, “Left To Tell”. When I think back, I was only able to forgive because I felt love greater than any hate, or pain. During the 3 months I was hiding, I prayed all day, I spoke to God and Mary through the prayer of the Rosary all day, even when I felt anger, I begged them to help me. In the end His GRACE found a way to my heart and it changed me. I felt God’s immeasurable LOVE and everything else, seemed so tiny in the face of such great feeling of LOVE. You can’t LOVE and hate at the same time. We all need to feel loved, to know we are loved unconditionally, and we are. That is why Mary appears to reveal this LOVE. If She can love that much, how does God love us? This is a time of great GRACES. Take advantage on it, read the messages and if you can, go visit and see for yourself.

God bless you, 

Fr Leon’s Testimony


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