Time for Voris to open his brain and close his Mouth on Medjugorje..”Wrong too long!.”. His Reporting on Medjugorje damages our Church and darkens souls

The headline may sound harsh but for anybody who knows anything about Mr. Voris and “Church Militant” they know he does not play nice. And Mr. Voris deserves tough talk. He has been the single most damaging personality attacking Medjugorje on a regular basis.

Wrong on Medjugorje Voris and you owe Catholics across this country an apology.

What Voris says about Medjugorje:

Many leaders are running scared about, out-and-out denouncing the apparitions because they have allowed this chicanery to persist for so long, maybe in hopes it would just go away that now for them to come out and condemn it would cause an earthquake among those who are nearly possessed over the phenomena. But consider, local bishops have condemned it, the nation’s bishops’ conference has denounced it. The Vatican on multiple occasions has forbidden pilgrimages there if they revolve around the alleged apparitions and so forth.

You’d be hard-pressed, in fact, to find anything remotely approaching confirmation of the apparitions from anyone in the Church in any kind of official capacity, yet the confusion still reigns and is brought on by various clerics and bishops and senior Churchmen who keep making vague statements that give the Medjugorje supporters reasons to explode with exuberance that the “Vatican has at last approved.” Nothing of the sort has happened but because of the mealy-mouthed, wimpy refusal to just come out and say it like it is, they continue to dangle out a false hope that this is all real. And who can blame them for thinking that?

That this nearly 40-year daily event has been allowed to continue, this isn’t the fault so much of the followers as the cowardly Churchmen who have dragged their feet for decades in putting a stop to it all.

What the Vatican says about Medjugorje:



9 thoughts on “Time for Voris to open his brain and close his Mouth on Medjugorje..”Wrong too long!.”. His Reporting on Medjugorje damages our Church and darkens souls

  • I have to say that Voris is right on this. Medjugorie has been condemned, as recently as last week by the local bishop – who is the ONLY MAN who currently has the authority to make such decisions. Voris is doing the Church and the world a favor by telling the truth, something this blog rarely does.

    • I think the great irony is that the big criticism of Medjugoeje has been “Apparitions have gone on too long” and yet it now seems Voris has been wrong too long…Look at what the Vatican is doing…Open your eyes..

    • Hahaha…. Lots of bishops covering things up these days. Bishops with “colorful” pasts –Afraid of being exposed for what they really are (even blackmailed by their past). I’ll stick with the fruits of Medjugorje. Fruits are fruits. Please read up on that local bishop. Read up on Voris’ past also. Rigidity is a shield that protects from other shortcomings. You can’t deny fruits. Around 80,000 young people in Medjugorje this week? Meanwhile, my church was full of really old people. Medjugorje seems to be doing a great job of bringing young people to Jesus. Again -fruits.

    • Wrong again. This has been taken out of the hands of the local Bishop Zanic many years ago and put in the hands of Pope Benedict XVI. That commission has concluded and the results are favorable in that the vast majority of that commission believe the results are supernatural in origin. Archbishop Hoser would agree who was Appointed by Francis. Give it up and search for the truth. Gerard ??⛪️

    • Have you ever been there?

      • Yes I have been there,,Steve ryan Mystic Post

      • Yes, I have and it is an oasis of peace, prayer , conversion, I.e confession not to mention the joy that comes from the desire for holiness. The epicenter is Jesus Christ and one realizes that Our Lady is there. Go there and God Bless you

  • After reading Mr. Voris criticism on the events happening in Medjugorje I can only say that his words do not express anything positive as it looks that love is missing in it all. My personal experience of my rosary beads changing colour without even reaching that Holy Place. All this happened in 1995 when our trip from the Netherlands was cancelled as the road from Split to Medjugorje was under bombing attack. Getting back to New Zealand during a prayer meeting my rosary that had been badly worn through carrying it in my pocket for years without using it, changed colour from a dry wooden colour to a deep green and the cross and links became gold and red copper.All this happened thousands of miles away from Medjugorje. Many conversions happen at this miraculous place and Mr Voris may be the next one on the list.

  • It is sad that the majority of you are blind to the vast negative fruits of medjugorie (division, disobedience, false teachings, etc.). The positive fruits that you speak of would come from any parish that offers adoration and confession. It has nothing to do with the so called “apparitions” of the Blessed Mother. This is the reality. The last two and the current local bishop have condemned it. The Vatican has not said anything (you all keep quoting the study, but the study has not been accepted by the Pope and could be dismissed – just like the study on contraception that Paul VI dismissed). You all need to get your facts straight and stop basing your decisions on “feelings.” FACTS are what are important. The FACTS show this is nothing more than one, giant hoax. Get the FACTS people. Stop chasing the wind, lest you reap the whirlwind!

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