A great sign that will appear in the sky and no one will be able to destroy it, that sign will be able to be seen by many, that sign will be a warning to the world and that sign will frighten many as a warning sign and a sign of the arrival of the heavenly King. 

Before the Day of Righteousness begins the following sign will be given to the people in the sky, Seers have seen it and described what it looks like.

 When Our Lady appeared to the young people in Medjugorje, almost no one believed them, so the seers immediately asked for a sign from Our Lady in order to convince everyone else that they were really seeing Our Lady. Many did not believe them, and the seers were sad and impatient, so they questioned the Lady’s sign every now and then. 

She answered them: ‘Be patient, my angels’. Over time, they stopped asking that question. A few months later, in October 1981, Our Lady told them: ‘My dear angels, do not be afraid. I will surely leave you a sign. I will fulfill my promise and leave you a sign’. 

Our Lady promised to leave the sign on the hillside, that is, at the place of the apparition, and according to the seers, that sign will be big, indestructible and permanent. It will not be made by human hands, but by God’s hand and will be a gift to all people as a confirmation that our Lady was really with us all these years, present as our Mother. 

Seers say that they know the time when the sign will be left, but also that they have seen it and that it is beautiful. 

Medjugorje, visionary Ivanka Ivanković spoke about the great sign, and when asked if those who insult Mary can disrupt her plans for this world, she answered: ‘No, they cannot, because Jesus is the one who decides – God, and he has already won’. 

Also, the visionary Ivanka claims that neither wars, nor explosions, nor the powerful weapons of the world will be able to harm the great sign. ‘Nothing will be able to destroy it, because that sign was approved by Jesus’. ‘Mary does nothing without Jesus,’ said Ivanka, adding that Mary also does the will of God and does nothing independently, therefore the promised sign is the will of God and thus it is indestructible from the world!’ 

The great sign that Our Lady promised to leave on Podbrdo for all the peoples of the world is one of the most anticipated events in the world of faith. 

This sign should confirm Our Lady’s apparitions, not only in Medjugorje, but all over the world, but also of course bring many graces to those who do not yet believe! Interestingly, Jesus also tells St. Faustina Kowalska about a great sign for the world: Before I come as a Just Judge, I will come as a King of Mercy. 

Before the Day of Righteousness begins, the following sign will be given to people in heaven: all the light in heaven will be extinguished and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the cross will appear in the sky and from all the openings, where the Savior’s hands and feet were pierced, great light will spring forth, which will illuminate the earth for some time. This will happen shortly before Judgment Day.’