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There are unforgettable healings at these prayer vigils, like that of a lady from Slavonski Brod who had cancer of the tongue.

 Doctors amputated half of her tongue, but it completely healed after prayer and she could speak normally… 

From his prayers, Satan and the devil flee hundreds of kilometers from here”, one of Fr. Smiljan Kožul’s assistants tells us, after the last Wednesday of the month when this popular charismatic organizes regular seminars for spiritual healing and liberation. 

However, there are not only spiritual healings but also physical ones, so Fr. Smiljan Kožul regularly on these last Wednesdays invites everyone who has experienced changes in their health to come forward and testify to their healing.

 She got her sight and reads in church now. 

There are unforgettable healings, like that of a lady from Slavonski Brod who had cancer of the tongue and came four years ago on one last Wednesday, she liked it and continued to come. 

At one meeting, during a prayer for healing, she felt an immense heat in her mouth. Doctors amputated half of her tongue. She had the impression that her mouth was burning. And when she went downstairs to the toilet, she was amazed because her tongue was completely healed and she could speak normally. 

After that, she went to her doctors at KBC Rebro in Zagreb and they confirmed that her tongue is completely healed

 Fr. Smiljan Kožul tells us on the eve of this last Wednesday, which will once again gather between 3,500 and 4,000 believers from all over Croatia in the Siget church.

 Also, one of the powerful healings was that of a lady from Zagreb, who was almost completely blind, she could only distinguish day from night.

 At one seminar, she felt a strong warmth in her eyes, after which she saw the people around her. It happened when I asked the Lord to heal those with eye problems… 

You can imagine how excited it was, not only hers but also the people around her! Before, she used Braille, but now she reads normally. 

In addition, he reads at mass in the church! – 

Fr. Smiljan recalls with excitement, adding that he is particularly moved by the cases of those married couples who come because they cannot have children. – I regularly pray for them and God miraculously answers many, and after years and years of suffering, after the seminar, they get offspring. 

Then I baptize those children… – Fr. Smiljan laughs. 

On that last Wednesday of the month, although it is large, the parking lot in front of the Siget church becomes too small, and whoever comes a little before 6 p.m., when the rosary for the homeland begins, will have great trouble parking. 

There are also several buses regularly, including those from Slovenia, because believers from the neighboring country are regular pilgrims to Siget. – 

We pray the rosary for our country, that the Lord may bless it, that the people may be freed from the curse of God, that the authorities may be given wisdom, that the people may return to faith – 

Fr. Smiljan explains, and after the one-hour rosary there will be a series of prayers, from those of Pope John Paul II. for “beloved Croatia” until the consecration of Croatia St. Josip. 

After that follows the so-called the celebratory part, led by the musical teams of one of the communities, such as Maranatha, Magnificat or Ruah Adonai, which emerged from Fr. Smiljan’s community of Divine Mercy, and all of them are united by the Movement of the Rosary for Conversion and Peace. 

The celebration ends with the invocation of the Holy Spirit, after which Fr. Smiljan’s powerful prayers begin. 

People need healing But before them there is a warning: – During these prayers, some people may have strong reactions, so don’t be afraid. But don’t even touch them, among you there are people in red shirts, ushers, who know how to act in such situations – says Fr. Smiljan, because cries and screams can indeed be heard during the prayers, especially when Fr. Smiljan is praying for the liberation of those who are practiced black magic, went to fortune-tellers or, as he says, “to the wrong people in the wrong places”. – 

People have wounds and are hurt, so they need healing. The sick also need it, as well as people who have been in various wrong places, such as bioenergetics, teachers of reiki, transcendental meditation, yoga and the like. 

If they laid their hands on them, they are infected. However, these prayers cannot be prayed during mass, but during Eucharistic adoration or during the celebration – explains Fr. Smiljan. – And the screams that can be heard? – we ask him. –

 All those who have been cursed or cast spells, when they sing to the Holy Spirit and pray according to the instructions of Cardinal Ratzinger and the Council for the Laity, experience liberation. When I mention various magical things, people respond to these prayers – says Fr. Smiljan, and when asked if there are possessed persons among those who have such strong reactions, he says that “there are people who are not only ‘infected’ but also fall to the ground and have strong reactions”. – 

They are released and later, as a rule, they come to us for a thorough confession, where again according to the provisions of the Church, I pray the prayer of release. 

These people become firm believers, regular at Sunday mass and confession or join a community – explains Fr. Smiljan, who in his priestly practice also has experience with exorcism prayer. – I had a permit for exorcism from Cardinal Kuharić, which was later confirmed by Cardinal Bozanić, but then all permits were withdrawn. 

Any priest can pray for absolution. It is, for example, prayed at the baptism of a child or an adult – says Fr. Smiljan, who also assisted the most famous exorcist today, Don Gabriel Amorth, during exorcisms. 

People call me because they have strange phenomena in the house, doors and windows open by themselves, footsteps are heard…

 Often it’s schizophrenia – What are the signs of spiritual contamination? – we ask him. – When they come to mass, they yawn or fall asleep, especially when it is the most holy part of the mass, the conversion, they cannot stand it and leave the church.

 Everything that is sacred bothers them. They stop coming to mass, confessing and receiving communion, because they are convinced of deities who offer them happiness, health and life on earth. 

The most difficult for me are the cases of reiki and transcendental meditation, and those that go to believers of Islam, supposed healers, who give them so-called records. They have strong urges to commit suicide – says Fr. Smiljan, and when asked how he distinguishes between spiritual and psychological problems, he says that he uses a little trick so that, for example, he starts reciting a poem in Latin to a person who comes to him convinced that he is possessed by an evil spirit, which that person does not understand, so if he “reacts” to it, he immediately knows that it is not a spiritual, but a psychological illness. –

 Out of 100 people who ask for an exorcism, 70-80 are mentally ill, and about 20 percent are slightly infected, and the least are those with possession. 

Maybe there are only five or six – he says, adding that the Church closely cooperates with psychiatrists and psychologists in such cases. – 

When a priest in the parish notices such a person, he reports the case to the Archbishop’s Ordinariate and a psychiatrist is first examined, and then one of the priests is appointed if necessary. 

In many cases, it turns out to be schizophrenia, severe depression or some similar illness 

 By the way, Dr. Smiljan Dragan Kožul is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination, the “golden mass”, this year, on August 5.

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