In Medjugorje, the Virgin revealed what God will ask of us at the moment of our encounter with him” What will you tell God?


In an interview with Mirjana, one of the six visionaries who, since 36 years, and thanks to Our Lady, leaves us her precious messages to Medjugorje, asked of the Virgin  how to be alert and to recognize the face of evil: “Our Lady said in a message:” Where I arrive, Satan arrives “. Because he can not see holy Masses and prayers without trying to do something. But he has strength if we give it to him. If God reigns in our hearts, Jesus and Our Lady is already occupied “.


Our Lady is the one who has more power against Satan; remaining with her, entrusting herself to her intercession, can make the difference in every moment of our life, between remaining in the Lord’s graces and stopping in despair, hatred and resentment.

If someone thinks these are affirmations of circumstance, he must do nothing but experience them, with an open heart and full hope, to verify their veracity: he will not be disappointed!

“We think we live forever. Nobody will live forever. Every moment can be the one in which God calls us. Because life passes. It’s just a passage. One must earn one’s life with God. (…) Our Lady said in a message: “When God calls you, he will ask you about your life. What will you tell him? How were you? “. Only that is important. “

And even in this the Virgin helps us very much : she is the model to which we will have to inspire ourselves. His irreproachable behavior is for us the drive towards the search for purity, humility, to recognize oneself without any wisdom or ability, except by divine action.

Praying is the means to free oneself from the superfluous, from everything that obscures or hides the truth, from what makes us waste time in finding a dialogue with the Lord. And praying is not a way to satisfy oneself, but to rediscover the union with all the brothers , in a gigantic embrace that gathers those who yearn for the Creator.

“I wanted to ask you from the heart: please pray for us visionaries, to do all that God wants from us. It is very easy to make mistakes and we need you, your prayers. 
We here in Medjugorje pray for pilgrims every day, so that you can understand why you are here and what God wants from you. Thus we are always united with prayer, as our Mother wants. Always as His children. “.

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