Medjugorje : The answer in these hard times


This is a video I created using the song ‘These Hard Times’ by “Need to Breath” 

The pandemic has the world on edge like no time in recent history. The world is sacred and the financial hardship for millions of people may be catastophic – Who would argue that we are not in the middle of a great chastisement.

Our Lady’s messages give me peace and hope. I also watch a lot of video of Medjugorje adorations. Below the the March 25 message, I have posted a beautiful video of adoration that took place during the youth festival. When I really need to  find peace spending time in adoration works best for me –

God Bless  and stay safe – Stephen Ryan Mystic Post.

Latest Medjugorje Message, March 25, 2020

Dear children! I am with you all these  years to lead  you to the  way of salvation.  Return to my Son; return to  prayer and fasting. Little  children,  permit  for God to speak to your heart, because  Satan is reigning and  wants to destroy  your  lives  and the earth  on which  you  walk. Be courageous  and decide for holiness.  You will see conversion in your hearts and families; prayer  will be heard; God will hear your cries  and give you  peace. I am with you and  am blessing you  all  with my motherly  blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.