Warning: Fight against Moderism and “One World Religion” Fr. Goring


Let us pray as if we have never prayed before. We all have sinned and complacent about the Catholic Church. We do not guard our faith. We do not voice out or raise questions when we feel something isn’t right. But we must be unified with penance. I remember St. Peter when asked the Lord Jesus if he can walk with him on the sea. The Lord allow him. But St. Peter was bothered by the raging waves and begin to sink in the sea. But the Lord is always there to lift St. Peter in every time he sink from faith. The Lord Jesus is still here to lift us all when we sink with our doubts with the Catholic Church. He will lift also Pope Francis if he is sinking by the fear of the waves of this age. We need only penance and prayers to reconcile our hearts to the True Catholic Church and to our Sheepherds and to our Pope. I am thankful for the guidance of Father Goring… for my soul is always in danger everytime. I am under attack of Science and Witchcraft via Psychotronics Technology. This technology enslave humanity mentally since 1975. I am also a Targetted Individual… tagged as “crazy man in tin-foil hat.” Please visit also: Targetted Individuals Association UK. for further information about Targetted Individuals and about the technology.
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