Medjugorje: Do not let yourselves be crushed by your crosses. “Listen to me” “God wants to transform the darkness of our life into light”..Reflections on latest Christmas message

Medjugorje: for Jakov the apparitions of Our Lady are now limited to one day, the 25th of December. Here is the invitation of the last message.

In Medjugorje there is a particular and extraordinary event happening in just two days: June 25th and December 25th.

In these two dates only, Our Lady leaves two messages on the same day. Why? The answer is simple, they are the only two occasions in which the extraordinary annual apparitions take place with Ivanka and Jakov. These are thus added to the monthly message of the 25th delivered to the visionary Marja.


For both Jakov and Ivanka the daily apparitions have in fact now ceased and the Virgin has left them, as a gift, the annual extraordinary apparition. For Ivanka on June 25, anniversary day, and for Jakov on December 25 Christmas day.

Medjugorje: reflections on the message of December 25, 2019 in Jakov

What strikes us most about the message of December 25th is the love transmitted by the words of the Queen of Peace:  Dear children, today on this day of grace in a particular way I invite you to open your hearts and pray to Jesus to fortify yours faith “ .

Christmas remains a moment of particular grace and Mary teaches us to live it in the right dimension. The priority is to open our heart to Jesus through prayer in such a way that our faith is strengthened and strengthened by his presence to live a true Christian life.

Medjugorje Message December 25 Jokov

Let us not be overwhelmed by our daily lives

“Often dear children, your life and your hearts are overwhelmed by darkness, pain and crosses” . Mary, who knows our hearts, sees how darkness advances in our lives, how daily pain and crosses take over, preventing us from welcoming the true light that is Christ, that light that shines in the darkness.

“ The true light that illuminates every man came into the world, yet the world did not recognize it. He came among his people, but his people did not welcome him. But to all who accepted him, he gave power to become children of God “(Jn 1).

Medjugorje - Risen Christ

In the message from Medjugorje we discover that God is close to us

God is closer to us than we can think and imagine and Our Lady reminds us: “Do not hesitate in faith to ask yourself why, because you think you are alone and abandoned, but open your hearts, pray and believe firmly, so that your your heart will feel the closeness of God and that God never abandons you and that is always beside you “. In trials we feel alone and abandoned, but he never abandons us, he is always with us, only in prayer and in faith will God manifest his presence and respond to our doubts and uncertainties.

God wants to transform the darkness of our life into light

The Almighty will transform the darkness of our life into light, and thus we will be able to feel his closeness even in the darkest and sadest moments of our existence. It is precisely in these moments that we must cling to God with all our strength, avoiding giving in to “strange itches” as St. Paul invites us:

“A day will come, in which healthy doctrine can no longer be endured but, for the itch of hearing something, men will surround themselves with teachers according to their own desires, refusing to listen to the truth in order to turn to fairy tales “. (2Timothy 4)

Here then is the swarm of false prophets and false prophecies , capable of confusing consciences, for this reason we are called to watch and pray, so as not to fall into temptation. The Blessed Virgin concludes her message with a phrase that always moves us: Thanks for answering my call.

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