Doctor Felipe Urca, through Facebook, told about the unfolding of events. “On Monday morning, I was at the Cordoba military hospital which was my job as a doctor for almost forty years, until my retirement last October.


In a corridor in room 7 of the hospital, at dawn on 11 February, a lady had a family member in very serious conditions, and in the corridor she prayed … suddenly an image that became more and more began to form on the wall above the radiator sharp.

It should be emphasized that the radiator has been off for months, because here we are in summer and the temperatures are very high. The image was not there before, this is the most shocking and to do a test, some people have tried to clean the image with alcohol but do not cancel in any way. Looking at her from the side it would seem to have a slight relief in some parts, like a certain glow. The features are those of Our Lady of Lourdes, with hands united in prayer.

This inexplicable image speaks for itself, even if it is still early to speak of miracles, explanations or interpretations will be provided by the ecclesiastical authority. We leave to everyone the discernment of faith and reason to judge the event, it is certain that the indelible image of soaps and cleanliness makes us think.

Now – the site NelcuorediGesù reports – we simply have to talk about a manifestation of the Madonna in her day, which wanted to show us that it is close to the sick, those who suffer, to those who invoke her … like a mother who belongs to us “. An event that warms the heart, because it makes us understand that truly the Virgin Mary is next to us and listens to our supplications, our prayers and collects our tears. In a corridor of a hospital a woman prayed for her family and with so much faith invoked the Virgin Mary, and the Virgin was there beside her. In the image, Dr. Felipe with the hospital chaplain Father Roberto Beldi.


  • Thank you, Mystic Post, for publishing such things. It is so important in the modern world to give people hope. Signs and wonders are not what we look or aim for, but when they occur it is important that they are communicated while also being carefully subject to further investigation.

  • How I LOVE this!!! It is proof She is there with us!

  • Is in Córdoba Argentina, not Spain.

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