The Weeping Statues of Washington D.C. – When the tears of the Virgin Mary met the Smoke of Satan

On June 29, 1972 Pope Paul VI spoke of God’s enemy supreme, that enemy of man called Satan, enemy of the Church. “The smoke of Satan”, warned Paul VI, “has found its way into the Church through the fissures”. It was an anguished warning that caused great shock and scandal, even within the Catholic world.” Vatican’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth. When the Tears of the Virgin Mary Met the Smoke of Satan.

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The Incredible Story of Weeping Statues in a suburb of Washington, D.C. written by Stephen Ryan

The Mystery:

For years, many close to the Catholic Church had speculated on how an Evil, the Smoke of Satan, would manifest itself inside the Catholic Church, inside “certain chanceries” and then on a hot summer day in August, a clue.

On August 11, 1992, the long time Chancellor to the diocese of Arlington in Virginia, 53-year-old Monsignor William Reinecke, walked into a nondescript cornfield in Berryville, Virginia, near the Holy Cross Trappist Monastery with a loaded shotgun and killed himself. His death would leave behind a long shadow of untold secrets, secrets of both good and evil, secrets whose scope, nearly thirty years later, are only now beginning to be fully understood.

During an implausible six months in 1992, Monsignor William Reinecke, would quite literally come face to face with both the divine and the damned.