Father David Michael Moses is a young American priest who is especially followed on social networks, where he does not hesitate to give some spiritual advice. In a video published at the end of August on Youtube, he offers a very simple way to reduce your anxiety and to put yourself in the hands of the Lord with confidence.

Father David Michael Moses is never short of spiritual advice, which he always gives in a concrete and powerful way, with a touch of humor. In a short video posted on his YouTube channel on August 25, this young American priest gives a trick to combat the anxiety that often troubles the hearts and minds of men and women.

Anxiety takes away peace

In our family, professional, affective, friendly life… Anxiety is often that little grain of sand that spoils our peace. If it is sometimes possible to put our worries aside, how often do they take over the daily life that we would like to be calm and confident?

Even the saints of God saw trouble and anguish surrounding them. “Pray, hope and don’t worry. God is merciful and will answer your prayer,” says Saint Padre Pio . Yes, but how to get rid of that worry that sometimes seems to stick to our skin and become insurmountable?

Transformation “What if…?” in “Even if!”

A very simple method is proposed by the priest, drawing inspiration from the 10th chapter of the Gospel according to St. Matthew . To stop the spiral of anxiety, all you have to do is change your vision of things by transforming the question from “What if” to “Even if”. “What if I don’t get this job?” What if I don’t have enough money? What if I get sick?”.

“Change these questions to this: Even if I don’t get this job, even if I don’t have enough money, even if my health isn’t good… Everything will be fine. This is the lesson that Christ teaches us in the 10th chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew. He prepares his disciples to go and evangelize the nations. We can imagine Peter worrying and saying to Jesus what if we have nothing to eat? what if we run out of money? what if nobody wants us?”

Jesus sends his disciples away empty-handed. “Take neither gold nor silver, nor copper coins to put in your belts, nor bags for the journey, nor spare tunics, nor sandals, nor staff,” he said.

And yet, as if he were telling them: “It will be all right, because you have me,” Father Moses explains.

“In times of uncertainty, we have the opportunity not only to preach the faith, but also to live it. I’m not telling you that if you have faith God will put money in your bank account, but what you need, really need, is something you already have. That’s where trust comes from.”