Rajko Bundalo is a professor, family man and father of 7 children. After his conversion from formal Orthodoxy to Catholicism, Bundalo receives numerous graces and revelations in his heart that penetrate into the mystique of the family and the human race.

He is the author of 7 books, a witness to numerous conversions, healings and graces that Jesus provides to people through him. Some say he is charismatic, some say he is an open opponent of charismatics, but he says for himself – I am neither one nor the other, I am only a servant of God , a servant of man and a sacramental Christian.

In an interview for the radio show Agape, on one occasion Bundalo revealed how the Word of the Living God had come into his life, after which he gained insight into the problems of the family and the sin that travels through the human race since the first people, Adam and Eve.

‘Our children were kidnapped by the devil from conception’

He also reveals where the Antichrist hides today , saying – Being a sacramental Christian today is a systematic struggle, because the Devil constantly attacks people and families who want to be holy. But the most difficult thing is to raise children in the Christian spirit, says Bundalo and he adds – Our children were kidnapped by the devil at conception.

There is a great war going on against the family, against the Christian family. The whole world has fallen on the family, because it is the core of our entire race . This is where the real Antichrist hides – his sinister and sometimes invisible attacks  against the family. He knows this is how he wins, if he destroys the moral acceptance of families.

You can’t say anything to a child today, all kinds of associations immediately appear that create problems with gender and identities which are the tools of the devil which are used to attack the family. 

Our children are kidnapped and the devil systematically attacks them in order to appropriate them for himself, so that the Christian family does not live because the devil hates it most of all, that fortress of God.